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Quick and Effective Product Training Using Articulate Storyline

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Quick and Effective Product Training Using Articulate Storyline

As we all know, for a sales person, his knowledge about the product is as important as his ability to sell. Proliferation of products, increasingly knowledgeable customers, intense competition and ever increasing targets, make product knowledge for a sales person much more critical than ever before.

The new age salesmen need product training on a click and should give him insights on the 4 major aspects – product portfolio, features and benefits, USP and additional info on services and warrantee.

Here are some interesting templates from Articulate Storyline to develop quick and interactive product training.

1.Product Portfolio: Showing how this new product fits the product portfolio. Information about the target markets and prospects for this product

Articulate Storyline temaplate-Product portfolio

2.Features and Benefits: Top 3-4 features and benefits and also how they compare with the earlier products. You can add product videos to it.

Articulate Storyline temaplate- Features and Benefits of Products

3.Unique Selling Tips: Explaining customer pain points and providing solution to their need. Customer Scenarios to demonstrate how their need is met.

Articulate Storyline temaplate- For Unique Selling Tips

4.Additional Services: Information about services offered as part of the product.

 Articulate Storyline temaplate- Additional services of the Product

This is why Articulate Storyline is an ideal tool to develop quick and interactive product training.  What other training programs has your otganization developed with Arituculate Storyline? Please do share!.

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