Are Short Product Knowledge Learning Modules The Need Of The Hour?

Are Short Product Knowledge Learning Modules The Need Of The Hour?

Are Short Product Knowledge Learning Modules The Need Of The Hour?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, nearly half of the US workforce will consist of Millennials. Alarmed by the statistics about Gen Y sales force and worried about training them? If you are anywhere close to using short learning modules for training your Gen Y sales force, you are on the right track and need not worry. Wonder why? Let me take you there.

Short learning modules or Microlearning modules are 5 to 10 minute standalone modules each targeting a single or at the maximum, two learning objectives.

One at a time

These short learning modules deal with one learning objective at a time, thereby avoiding cognitive overload on the sales reps. Too much knowledge pushed on the sales reps will choke them as they will be overwhelmed with knowledge. To reduce the overload, they can be given bites of knowledge; with each bite targeting a specific learning objective. If a module deals with product specifications, it would not deal with accessories.

Short is engaging

According to a recent study by Microsoft Corp., the average attention span of the human brain has come down to 8 seconds. So, any new idea you need to implant into the human brain needs to be done within those 8 seconds. Bite-sized modules come to sales reps’ rescue by keeping them hooked. Microlearning modules that come in bites, satisfy and engage learners as they are short and focused.

Just-in-time is the best 

It is common knowledge that sales reps are constantly on the go. Hence, these short learning modules offer just-in-time learning whenever and wherever required. For instance, a sales rep has to meet two customers located far apart. He has a lot of travel time that can be utilized in refreshing his product knowledge or filling up a skill gap. Let us say, he quickly watches a video on the features of a product while travelling to meet the first customer; while going to the second, he goes through the FAQs section on the accessories he knows the customer is interested in. He will thus become confident of answering customer queries.

Performance support

Any training, if not reinforced, falls prey to the forgetting curve. According to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, learning is lost over a period of time if not reinforced. Microlearning modules provide performance support to avoid the impact of the forgetting curve. If you are a training manager looking for e-learning courses or have training material to be developed into an online training course, you can shift to short learning modules.

Now that you know short is sweet, engaging and provides just-in-time performance support, what’s holding you back? Rush with the need of the hour! Go with short learning modules!

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