Process Training Using Adobe Captivate

Process Training Using Adobe Captivate

Process Training Using Adobe Captivate

An organization should refine its process for increasing productivity, as it is a key for growing a business. Re-engineering the old process or practice and to eliminate all the non-value added activities involves rethinking the existing procedures and determining if there is any better method of performing a particular task. Training employees on new processes helps organizations to meet their goals and leads to business success.

Process Training benefits employees in an organization which needs to execute business processes, fully or partially. Process training, be it manufacturing, sales or any other business process, needs to be interactive and simulating the real work situation so that employees can understand the process and apply it on the job.

Organizations need to provide process training when:

  • New employees are hired
  • Improvements/ changes made to an existing processes or procedures
  • Organizations adopt Business Process Re-engineering

Process training can be well explained with circular diagrams, process flowcharts and animations, which can be included using Adobe Captivate. According to Ruth Colvin Clark, tables, flow diagrams, or a combination of both, are used to represent the stages of a process. Adobe Captivate, a rapid e-Learning authoring tool, provides endless possibilities and transforms an ordinary course to highly interactive eLearning course. It enables you to deliver the content virtually, to any device including iPads. Let look at some of the benefits that Captivate provides:

  • Captures screen-based simulations
  • Easy to develop interactive simulations without using Flash
  • Good collection of assessments
  • Develop quizzes quickly using inbuilt tools
  • Closed caption text-synch with animations
  • Customizable widgets – Add actions to objects
  • Supports HTML5, SWF, and MP4

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