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How to Take A Printout of The Text Typed by Learners Using Articulate Storyline

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How  to Take a Printout of the Text Typed by Learners Using Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline offers a lot of flexibility to eLearning developers in developing interactive eLearning courses.They can use triggers and variables or add external JavaScript code to meet the unique online learning requirements of instructional designers. In this blog, I am going to explain how we met one such requirement.


A training manager wanted to provide an option to learners where they can type notes in the course slide. Later, on completing the course,they should be able to take the printout of notes they had written.


There is no default option to print data in this tool. You can do it using triggers and coding in JavaScript.

Let’s see how it is done.

Step 1: Open Articulate Storyline and insert a Text Entry field in the Insert Tab.

Insert a Text Entry

When we insert theText Entry field,the Text Entry Variable is automatically created.

The Text Entry Field

Step 2: Insert a button name as Print in the Insert Tab.


Step 3: Then, to the print button, add a trigger such that “Execute JavaScript when user clicks Print button”.

Execute JavaScript

Step 4: Double click the trigger and click the Add/Edit JavaScript button.

Add or Edit JavaScript

Then,an empty window opens wherein we have to write JavaScript code as shown below in the screenshot.

JavaScript code

Step 5: Now save and publish the course and check the output.

These are the steps to take a printout in Storyline when a learner types the text in an eLearning course.

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