Highly Interactive Presentation Patterns Made Easy Through Articulate Storyline

Highly Interactive Presentation Patterns Made Easy Through Articulate Storyline

Highly Interactive Presentation Patterns Made Easy Through Articulate Storyline

Selecting the right e-learning development tool is a difficult task but if a tool like Articulate Storyline is available, one does not have to think twice. Storyline is such an authoring tool that it fits in perfectly where the requirements of both the developer and stakeholders are concerned.

I had recently undergone training for Storyline in my company; trust me, it was a mind-blowing experience for me. I was amazed at the way the tool helps to transform PowerPoint presentations into highly effective and interactive eLearning courses in such a short period of time.

The tool has rich in-built templates that are user ready to start including the text, media, and assessments templates. Storyline has made it very easy to add the highly interactive presentation patterns and components. Here I am going to share how the presentation patterns or interactivities can be used in an eLearning course.

Click on Numbers/Processes: This interaction can be used for explaining a process, to show the steps involved in a particular workflow or to show a sequence of related items.

Click on Numbers

Click on Notes: Notes are like click on tabs where the content related to a group can be explained. It can also be a regulation, rules or some laws of company or any other subject matter. Using notes, content such as rules or regulations can be presented in an easy to remember manner.

Click on Notes

Slideshow: Slideshow as an interactivity is a very classic option for explaining a how-to-use a product or when content from a product manual needs to be presented. A series of images and videos can also be included to make it visually appealing.


FAQs: General banks of questions that are frequently asked for a product can be presented as FAQs. It can as well be used as interactivity in the summary section of a course.


Rollovers or Hotspots: Any product should be explained in detail in a course and so to show the parts of the product or important aspects of a piece of machinery, hotspots are an excellent option.

Rollovers or Hotspots

So don’t you think it’s quite easy and quick to develop a course on any content when you have readymade templates for interactivities? Please do share with us if there are any other interactivities that can be used for a specific type of content. Click here to get more ideas on how you can use Articulate Storyline for Product Training.

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