iSpring Pro 7 – PowerPoint to HTML5 Conversion

iSpring Pro 7 – PowerPoint to HTML5 Conversion

iSpring Pro 7 - PowerPoint to HTML5 Conversion


One of our clients, a leading instrument manufacturing company, came up with a requirement for tweaking PowerPoint presentations to play on iPads. This was required as iPad doesn’t support PowerPoint presentations and which is an inconvenience for many iPad users, as they can’t use their devices to view these presentations.

So what is the solution for this? Is there a way to convert your PowerPoint presentations into HTML5, which works extremely well on iPads and desktops? That is exactly what iSpring Pro 7 allows you to do.

How does it work?

iSpring Pro 7 converts PowerPoint presentations into HTML5, a format that can be viewed in any modern internet browser, any modern mobile device or desktop/laptop computer with any operating system.

iSpring Pro 7 is a PowerPoint to Html5 converter. Animations, activities, audio, video and all PowerPoint styles are preserved after conversion. Any audio and video in presentation are well supported while converting PowerPoint to HTML5.

In this blog, I will be sharing some of the fabulous features of iSpring Pro 7 that have impressed our production team.

iSpring Pro 7

Tin Can API Support

The Tin Can API is an eLearning specification to track learner’s activities.  It can record activities and deliver data that is quantifiable, sharable and trackable. With iSpring Pro 7 you can publish your courses with the new Tin Can standard, and it will integrate perfectly with your LMS.

Support for Right to Left Languages

With iSpring Pro7 you can easily translate your courses into any language. Languages like Arabic and Hebrew require right to left alignment and iSpring Pro 7 gives solid support to presentations with right to left languages.

Create Video Presentations: Record and Sync Narrations

With iSpring you can add sync videos and audio to the powerpoint. With inbuilt narration editor you can you can add comments for each slide.

Leverage Media to Engage Your Audience

With iSpring Pro 7, you can easily embed various types of media resources onto slides. You can embed YouTube videos, Flash movies and interactive web objects.

Apart from these, there are so many other features in iSpring Pro 7, which makes you feel it is awesome. You can view the full list of features on iSpring website.

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