Mobile Learning Apps: Is It Your Cup of Tea?

Mobile Learning Apps: Is It Your Cup of Tea?

Mobile applications have changed the way we live. From shopping for clothes, to hailing a taxi, to finding a place to eat and even buying or selling automobiles, there is nothing that mobile apps hasn’t revolutionized.

Naturally, the power of mobile apps has also influenced the way people learn. Mobile learning apps basically replicate the e-learning experience, on a smaller screen size. In addition to this, apps also try to make the most of the unique functionality of mobile devices such as touchscreens, notifications, etc. These learning apps provide employees with a platform that allows them to learn anywhere, anytime. They organize your content in a mobile-friendly manner that allows users to grasp it quickly.

Mobile-apps are loaded with features that make them indispensable for today’s digital learning world. Below are some of the key advantages that mobile apps bring to your e-learning program:

Optimum Performance Support

The gap between your learners undertaking an e-learning course and the time when that knowledge is actually put into use can be considerable. This interval can cause many loopholes to develop in the minds of learners, directly affecting their job performance. Mobile learning apps can change this by giving employees information right when they need it the most.

Microlearning modules and just-in-time learning modules perfectly fit in the mobile learning app framework. These learning modules are designed to convey just one specific learning point in a short duration of time. When learners access this before a task, they are only given insights related to the specific activity, which helps them achieve a greater rate of success. 

True Flexibility

E-learning programs free users from the shackles of a classroom. No longer do users need to adhere to a set schedule to undertake training. Rather, they can learn at their desks whenever they have some free time. But this is not true flexibility, is it? Employees still need to be confined to their desks or carry around clunky laptops to learn at a different location.

Mobile learning apps give the word flexible its true meaning. Apps allow employees to learn from anywhere they want, even when they are offline. Be it during their commute back home, or sipping tea in the company cafeteria, or even in the comfort of their homes, any place can become a potential classroom using mobile apps.

Social Learning

A new generation of employees has taken the front seat in most organizations. The way millennial employees learn is very much different from their predecessors. Learning is no longer an isolated affair involving just you and your study material. They believe in active discussions, brainstorming and peer-connects to refine their knowledge.

Mobile learning apps can be the ideal platform to support social learning. Chat-rooms and discussion forums can be in-built in the app, giving learners seamless access to limitless knowledge through peers and subject matter experts. Integration of social media elements is also possible, enhancing collaborative learning further. 

Game-ready Platform

Game-based content is a really impressive learning methodology. It uses interactive games that have your subject matter embedded in them. Learners just have to play such games in order to grasp the information or be proficient at a task. This method creates an environment that imparts useful knowledge in a stress-free and fun manner.

Mobile learning apps can prove to be a boon for game-based learning, owing to the touchscreen technology. Touchscreens allow developers to create simple yet highly immersive games. Combine this with the superior processing power of mobile devices, and you can get a very high quality game.

All of the above factors together result in an overall better digital learning program. Mobile learning apps when combined with classroom training or full-scale e-learning programs, can really enhance the learning experience of your employees.

So now to tackle the real question: are mobile learning apps your cup of tea? Considering their advantages, as well as the increasing number of mobile users, I would say that, if it isn’t your cup of tea, then you need to start developing a taste for it. The influence of mobile learning applications is only going to rise from here on. So if you are not already onboard, you should start gearing up for it.

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