3 Popular Authoring Tools for Mobile Learning Course Development

3 Popular Authoring Tools for Mobile Learning Course Development

3 Popular Authoring Tools for Mobile Learning Course Development

Mobile learning is used extensively by companies to train their staff members. These courses can be developed using rapid authoring tools, easily and effectively. There are many rapid authoring tools which can be used to develop mobile learning courses. In this blog, I would like to share information about 3 popular authoring tools used to develop mobile learning courses. They are:

1. Lectora Inspire

Lectora is probably the first authoring tool with the ability to publish courses to HTML5, a mobile-friendly format. Lectora contains number of pre-installed templates, and these templates can be accessed online. You can also create templates of your own. This enables eLearning developers to create multiple courses with similar look and feel in quick time. Customization of interactivities, templates and quizzes can be made very effectively using Lectora. Lectora is the ideal tool to handle text-heavy content. It also facilitates easy translations of online course into many languages.

2. Adobe Captivate 8

Captivate 8 allows you to develop courses that run well on mobile devices. This tool comes with responsive themes, and this means you need to create only one version of the course which can be “adapted” to various devices such as desktop computers, tablet computing devices and smart-phones. Captivate 8 also facilitates gesture- enabled mobile learning and allows you to create responsive screen captures. You can also re-size objects based on the screen size of the device, use responsive drag and drop interactions and enable scrolling.

3. Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is a great tool to publish an eLearning course to the HTML5 and iOS formats from a single course. Courses can be published in different formats with a single click. Articulate Storyline helps save time and money as it has many features like built-in templates and characters. This tool can be used to create screen captures and quizzes in quick time. It also facilitates easy translation of online courses.

Hope you find this post informative. Which tool do you use to develop courses for the mobile? We’d love to know

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