Technology-Enabled Training: A Great Way to Thank Partners and Resellers

Technology-Enabled Training: A Great Way to Thank Partners and Resellers

Partners and resellers are key to the success of an organization along with customers. Earlier, major organizations would organize events for partners and resellers at exotic locations to educate them about their products and persuade them to actively promote them. Organizations may still be doing this but they have also gone a step further and are creating online resources for partner, reseller, and customer training. It is a great way to say “thank you” for their business and provide support to them in selling.

Let’s look at some of the organizations who have turned to technology to support their partners with technology-enabled product training. A great way to thank partners, resellers, and customers – I must say!

Fonality Academy

Fonality, a Texas-based organization offering business phone service, supports its partners, resellers, and customers through Fonality Academy that provides a range of educational resources for phone system users, administrators, and solution integrators. They have e-learning courses, live training through webinars, remote training as well as onsite training. In November this year, they have announced new courses that help new channel partners sell Fonality systems and place orders through a streamlines certification process. 

Microsoft’s Partner University

In November this year, Microsoft is revamping its partner learning system and moving to a more comprehensive platform that better caters to the needs of their partners. Consequently, the erstwhile Partner Learning Center will be retired and courses will be accessible via the new Partner Academy. The change is being made to provide improved and modern learning experience to partners, with easier navigation and user-friendly interface.

Digitek’s Partner Pro Online Portal

Digitek, a distributor of imaging supplies and hardware based in Virginia, USA, launched a video-based e-learning platform to help its dealers sell better. The portal offers video training, offline assignments and tests, marketing kits and field sales tools that sales people can access from any device at any time. The whole system helps partners create a certified training platform for their sales representatives and help them clinch more deals and log higher sales.

SUSE’s Worldwide Partner Training Program

SUSE, an Enterprise Linus developer, recently announced that they are revising their worldwide partner training program to enable resellers understand their products and sell its solutions easily. Additional resources have been invested to revamp and make the partner training program beneficial to partners as well as end customers. As a result, all of SUSE’s training initiatives are bundled together and available for an annual subscription fee. The search feature has also been revamped to make it easier for customers to locate suitable training programs. They have also now made possible for partners to take certification exams online. Earlier, certifications were possible only in a classroom setting.

Mentor Graphics’ Mentor Learning Center

Mentor Graphics, a leader in electronic design automation, hosts on-demand training courses through its training platform called Mentor Learning Center. The training platform consists of short, topical learning modules, videos, assessments and interactive virtual lab exercises. The lessons are organized into learning paths based on the tasks to be learned.

In addition to these organizations, there are many others who have established learning portals, online universities, or online training platforms that serve as a one-point resource for resellers, partners, or customers to learn about products. Organizations are not shying away from investing resources and money on technology that will help train their partners and resellers efficiently. In addition to classroom training, online options are increasingly being used by leading organizations. It is indeed one way to support and thank their partners for their service and business.

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