High Level Overview of Lectora

High Level Overview of Lectora

High Level Overview of Lectora

Lectora is a very user-friendly authoring tool, used to develop rapid, highly engaging and interactive eLearning courses. What is good about it is that it is not a plugin but an authoring tool that is self-contained and functions independently. It may appear to be complex for a novice, but once you are familiar with the interface and tools, you will be surprised at the extent to which you can customize your eLearning course.

The main advantage of developing courseware with Lectora is that it does not require programming skills such as HTML, CSS or Javascript to develop the courses. If you have creative designers in-house Lectora provides all the features where they can put their creativity to good use. The latest version C.6 has a tool that makes it even easier for designers to create online courses such as websites or presentations.

eLearning courses developed and published in Lectora are supported by multiple browsers and can have multi-lingual support. With a publishing option in the newer version, it is easy to prepare material that is compatible with section 508. All video controller buttons can now be read by screen reading software. There is also another feature where one can check if all images and buttons have alt tags.

One of the biggest benefits of using Lectora is that it has highly customizable Templates, Interactivities and Quizzes. It comes with additional tools such as an image editor, audio and video editor, making you less dependable on external software resources such as those provided by Adobe.

It is also very easy to integrate and control flash interactivities through Lectora. Lectora also makes it easy to publish content in dynamic html which may be the limiting factor in other authoring tools. Lectora delivers all formats of eLearning such as SCORM, AICC, which can run successfully on any learning management system that complies with the required standard. No additional programming is required.

Most developers feel that Lectora has a very low learning curve and an average instructional designer or developer can get comfortable with using the tool in less than a week. In short, Lectora scores high on the fact that it is easy to develop a course that is compatible with all industry norms and it is easy to integrate existing content in any format such as ppt, swf or images.

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