Why is India the Hub of E-learning Outsourcing?

Why is India the Hub of E-learning Outsourcing?

Why is India the Hub of E-learning Outsourcing?

Do you intend to outsource your eLearning project overseas? Then India is the right choice for you. You can add value to your business by choosing the right Indian eLearning partner. So, what makes India the preferred destination for outsourcing eLearning projects? Well, the answer can be found in some of the major advantages that this country offers to overseas organizations.

Let me share more on why offshoring your eLearning project to India can be a winning proposition.

Services at very competitive prices

According to Bersin by Deloitte, an online course development project may cost 20-40% less in India. In some cases the cost savings can be much higher. This is arguably the most important reason why many companies outsource their eLearning projects to India. It is just not eLearning development that can save your precious training dollars. You can have your online courses translated in this country effectively at a very low cost. Bersin further reports that outsourcing the administration of your Learning Management System (LMS) to India can save up to 60% of the cost. Very attractive prices indeed. Aren’t they?

Access to the largest pool of skilled professionals in the world

India has the largest pool of technology and multimedia professionals in the world. According to NASSCOM, the trade association of Indian IT and IT-enabled services industry, the country adds more than 3 million professionals every year. Another point where India scores over other countries such as China is the large number of English-speaking professionals. Wikipedia estimates that there are more than 100 million Indians who can converse fluently in English.

You can get high-quality courses in quick time

Time is money. You need to get high-quality courses quickly to ensure the best ROI on your training expenditure. In its Annual Offshore Outsourcing Conference, the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) observed that, “Cost reduction was only part of the reason that companies were considering offshore outsourcing; there were benefits to be had in time-to-market and quality, leading to an adage that companies initially chose India to save costs but stayed for the speed and quality!”

However, you need to be careful in selecting the right Indian firm that can effectively satisfy your needs. Many companies have sprung up in recent times claiming themselves to be eLearning organizations. These companies employ inexperienced graduates who can do nothing better than dole out a dozen graphics and hundred lines of code. These companies have little experience in understanding your needs and using authoring tools efficiently. So, you need to be cautious while choosing the right eLearning firm. For more information on choosing the right partner, please see Outsourcing E-learning Development: 10 Things You Need to Know .

The right Indian eLearning partner has set processes and standards in place that help it deliver a high-quality eLearning course fast. For instance, it is possible to develop a 30-minute online course in 3 to 4 weeks. Thus, you can get the best online course in the quickest possible time by outsourcing your eLearning project to India.

India offers highly cost-effective eLearning solutions in quick time. By outsourcing your eLearning project to the right eLearning firm, you can avail the services of expert professionals who can churn out the best online course that meets your needs effectively. What do you think?

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