Are You Ready to Outsource eLearning Development?

Are You Ready to Outsource eLearning Development?

Outsourcing reduces operating costs, helps organizations gain access to experts globally and frees internal resources for core business activities. If not done well, outsourcing can become a nightmare, especially if it is outsourcing eLearning development.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself at the strategic level.

1. Do you have a global eLearning strategy for your organization?

E-learning when blended with traditional learning can yield tremendous results in improving performance and achieving business goals.

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2. Do you have a learning management system or are you planning to invest in one?

You don’t need to invest training dollars in excess to have an LMS. You can start small, based on your needs.

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3. Do you have an eLearning champion who promotes eLearning within your organization to all the key stakeholders?

Having an eLearning champion who understands the business and also how eLearning can help in delivering training quickly and economically is a key for successful implementation of eLearning.

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4. Do you understand the eLearning development process, players, tools and timelines?

E-learning development requires a synergistic team both from the client side and also from the side of the outsourcing vendor. SMEs and stakeholders play a key role in getting the right effective eLearning.

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5. Are you aware of the cost break-up details to develop 1 hour of eLearning?

There are many parameters that need to be considered when working out the cost of 1 hour of eLearning development. It depends on the complexity, the technical requirements, authoring tool etc.

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6. Do you know what to expect from an outsourcing vendor?

Selecting the right outsourcing vendor is a major factor in making outsourcing eLearning development profitable.

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The above checklist is to see if your organization is ready to outsource eLearning Development. If your answer is yes for most of the questions, you have a great score and you are ready to take on the advantage of outsourcing.

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