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3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Mobile Learning for Your Sales & Marketing Team

mLearning or mobile learning is the latest option that has the potential to provide an interactive learning environment for employees in organizations particularly the sales and marketing team who is constantly on the move. However, before you consider mobile learning solutions for them, you need to reflect on a few aspects. To be specific, you need to ask yourself three questions.

What mobile devices do my employees use?

Individuals are spoiled for choice when it comes to mobile devices. Do you provide standard devices for your sales and marketing personnel such as a blackberry, IPad or Tablet PC? If there is a standardized device that is common to all your employees, deploying learning will be easier as there would not be any compatibility issues between different mobile platforms and browsers. If it is not the case, making your course compatible to multiple devices using different operating systems i.e. Blackberry, tablet PC, iPad, iPod may pose a challenge.

What is the type of content that I want to share?

The second question that you need to ask yourself is the type of content that you wish to share through mLearning. You must remember that as of now, mobile learning cannot replace your existing learning and development methods. You cannot have a full-fledged eLearning course converted into an mLearning course because the learning content needs to be treated differently based on the medium; mobile devices have certain limitations. Job-aids in the form of checklists for sales process, industry news, product updates, market information or competitor news that has immediate relevance to the sales team could be a potential mLearning content. Additionally, you can use mLearning to initiate and facilitate collaborative learning in the form of discussions among the sales personnel.

Is my organization ready to keep pace with new technologies?

mLearning is at a nascent stage and the technology is still evolving. As an organization, mLearning has to be part of your long-term strategy. You need to factor the requisite budget and technical support required for implementing and deploying mLearning successfully across your sales and marketing team members. This needs close interaction with key stakeholders such as the senior management, HR and IT. Getting their buy-in is essential to make the initiative successful.

Thus, before you consider mobile learning solutions for your sales and marketing team, you need to consider the uniformity of mobile devices, the type of content that is shared and the technological and budgetary plans for the mLearning initiative. Having clarity on the above will help you to plan appropriate mobile learning solutions for your sales and marketing personnel.


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