Why You Need Online Learning Nuggets for Product Training

Why You Need Online Learning Nuggets for Product Training

Why You Need Online Learning Nuggets for Product Training

How can you impart good product training online? What does it take to ensure your people are able to apply the knowledge of products effectively to their jobs? What does it take create e-learning courses for product training quickly, in a cost-effective manner? Well, you need to go in for microlearning. A study conducted by the Journal of Applied Psychology revealed microlearning can increase knowledge transfer by 17%.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning refers to the delivery of learning content in the form of information nuggets. Content is divided into several modules, each of about 5-10 minutes in duration. Each of these learning nuggets is a self-standing course, dealing with a specific learning objective. When the learner finishes all the modules, he would have completed the content.

How can microlearning help impart effective product training?

Time gap between product launches and training is reduced

It is common knowledge that product training managers need to ensure their people are trained on the new product before it gets into the market. Companies are releasing new products frequently into the market to survive in a fiercely competitive, dynamic business environment. And, this is making timely product training a major challenge as product launch windows are increasingly becoming short due to the rapid releases of new products.

Online learning nuggets can be used to overcome this problem. Bite-sized e-learning modules can be developed quickly, at low cost, thanks to rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline. Today, it is possible to create an online learning nugget in about 15-20 days.

Effective delivery of product training content on mobiles is possible

Sales staffers and service technicians are the primary consumers of product training content. Most of these people travel extensively as part of their work and find little time to attend training sessions held in a classroom. To overcome this problem, many organizations have switched to the mobile learning format which enables them to train their travelling workforce anytime, anywhere.

Microlearning modules can be accessed very effectively on mobile devices. Learners find it hard to focus on training content delivered on Smartphones and tablets for extended periods of time, and the short duration of bite-sized courses makes them ideal for mobile learning.

Good performance support can be provided

Providing effective just-in-time (JIT) support plays a key role in enhancing the performance of workforce. Many firms are using mobile-compatible job-aids to enable their sales staffers and service technicians access product information at the point of need.

Bite-sized online learning modules can be used as job-aids very effectively. The short duration of these modules and ease of access on mobile devices make them the ideal choice to deliver good JIT support. For example, a sales rep can access the needed information about competitors’ products, instantly, by accessing an online product training nugget.

Learning gaps can be closed rapidly

It is essential to help your people make the best use of their time, and bite-sized e-learning courses enable them utilize their time efficiently. These learning “morsels” can be delivered effectively on mobile devices and are very useful to close gaps in product knowledge, quickly, in an effective way. Consider the following scenario.

A salesperson of a bio-medical equipment manufacturer in Boston needs to deliver a presentation to the purchasing committee of a hospital in Tokyo. The sales rep, who was busy with his work, could not brush up his knowledge of the firm’s latest EEG machine. He accesses an online product training nugget that explains the key benefits of the machine while waiting at the airport and travelling, helping him bridge the knowledge gap.

Gen-Y workforce can be trained well 

Very short attention spans are the bane of Millennial learners. A survey conducted by Microsoft revealed most new age learners have effective attention spans of just eight seconds, smaller than goldfish which can remain focused for 9 seconds. The message is loud and clear – lengthy e-learning courses are not effective in imparting product training (or for that matter, any training).

To overcome these problems, companies need to divide their online courses into bite-sized modules. The modules can be digested by their young learners well and help them retain knowledge longer.

Micro online learning modules are very useful to impart product training of high efficacy. Bite-sized online product training courses help “synchronize” product launches with training. They can be rendered very effectively on mobile devices and go a long way in providing JIT information support. Learning nuggets help close learning gaps and are ideal to impart product training to Millennial workforce. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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