Re-enter Numbers in a Numeric Field in Articulate Storyline

Re-enter Numbers in a Numeric Field in Articulate Storyline

In general, learners may face a problem with numbers that have to be entered into a box in a course developed in Articulate Storyline. Everything is fine as long as they enter the right numbers and then hit enter. However, if they type incorrect numbers, a prompt shows up telling them that the keyed in numbers are incorrect; further chances are provided through the “try again” button. When learners click the “try again” button, there is no clarity that they can go ahead and change the numbers. So to make learners aware that they have to enter some new number, we have to reset the numerical entry field to empty. Here I would like to explain how we can create such a type of requirement in the e-learning authoring tool – Storyline.

Here are the steps to fulfill this requirement.


Insert a new quiz slide by following the sequence steps (1, 2, 3 & 4) in the below image.

Step 1

When we insert a numeric field, the variable “TextEntry” will be created automatically.


Then a question window will appear. Here we can enter the question and the correct answer. Also, only in this window, we can set the number of attempts. (Here I set the number of attempts to 3.)

Step 2


When we set the number of attempts to more than 1, the “Try Again” screen will be displayed. In this layer, add the following trigger:


Set “TextEntry” to blank when user clicks the “Try Again” button.

Step 3

Text entry field


Then publish your project and check your output.

Step 4

After clicking try again button

Slide after attempting wrong answer

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