Displaying “Number Of Attempts” Report on Moodle Home Page

Displaying “Number Of Attempts” Report on Moodle Home Page

As LMS is used to track important information about creation of a course and helps manage learning effectively. But, most importantly, an LMS is used to track status of all users. In my previous blog, I have discussed about generation of grading report and course creation. In this blog, we will look at another important report – Number of attempts.

This report helps the training manager to track the number of attempts made by a learner to complete a particular course. This goes a long way in helping a manager track the status and performance of an individual.

Let us now see how to get easy access to this report by adding it on the home page under Configurable reports. This allows training managers to access important and frequently-used reports by displaying them on the home page. You have to create this report to all courses. After creating the report, we have to perform some steps to display it on home page.

You will have a report created for every course. For example, I have created a course by name “xyz”, and I want the report for this course displayed on the home page. I need to go to the home page, look for “Configurable Reports” option (which can be found on the extreme right side in most LMSs) and click on the last option “Manage Reports”. The system will take you to a page where you will find list of reports ( if added in configurable reports), as shown below

List of Reports

Add and Import Report

At the bottom of the page, you can find Add Report. Click it and a new window will appear where we can change settings as shown in the image below.

Change Settings

Click Add, and the system will navigate to page as shown. Configure the settings as per the course report (already generated). Then click on Save changes. Then, when you refresh the home page, you can see the “xyz” report under configurable report section. This report will be updated automatically.

Save Changes

Thus, in a few simple steps, we can add the “number of attempts” report for our course; on the home page under Configuration Report tab. Hope you find this blog informative. Do share your views.

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