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New Interface of Adobe Captivate 8 – Part 3

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New interface of Adobe Captivate 8 - Part 3

In my Last blog, we have seen about the use of slide-themes, text, shapes, objects, interactions and media in Adobe Captivate 8. We have also learnt about the save, record, preview and publishing options in Adobe Captivate 8. In this blog, we will look at the library properties and timelines.

You can access the library and properites.

Library and Properties



Action tab

Action Tab



You can change the Duration

Change Duration


Double click on the timeline button. It allows you to show/hide the timeline(layers). It is available at the bottom of the screen. This reduces the timeline area and you can work comfortably.


Hope this blog helped you to understand the interface of Captivate 8. You may like to look at these tutorials on Adobe Captivate 8 for in-depth knowledge on these tools.

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