10 New E-learning Interactions – Addition to Articulate Studio 13

10 New E-learning Interactions – Addition to Articulate Studio 13

10 New E-learning Interactions – Addition to Articulate Studio 13

Articulate Studio’s 13 Engage has come up with a wide variety of in-built interactivities. In this blog, I want to share information on 10 such interactivities that really engage the learners.

Accordion: This interactivity is similar to tabbed activity and can be used for providing step-by-step process information.


Bulletin Board: This interaction is a different way presenting simple content and is visually engaging. This interactivity is like adding sticky notes on to a board. We can also add audio, video and images. This interaction adds variety to your eLearning.

Bulletin Board

Checklist: This interaction is used for creating to-do lists and simple step-by-step actions for the learners. We can also add images, video and audio using this feature.


Conversation: This interaction can be used for conversation between two characters. Also this can be an example of the “frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ’s)” type.


Folders: This interaction is similar to clickable tabs; this can be very useful for presenting lengthy content in an interactive manner.


Image Zoom: With this type of interactivity, we can add a zoom-in effect to images. You only have to insert the image and drag the area of the image that you want to zoom.

Image Zoom

Labeled Panel: This interactivity allows you to add clickable markers on the image. Just like hotspots, the learners on clicking the marker can see the hidden content.

Labeled Panel

Media Panel: This is a rich interaction; it highlights images and videos and gives additional information about the highlighted element. This interaction adds value to your eLearning and also looks more dynamic.

Media Panel

Quick Choice: This interaction is similar to creating a multiple choice question. This is very simple and no programming knowledge is required and we can add images and videos. Adding this interaction to your eLearning helps in getting the required attention from the learners.

Quick Choice

Tabbed Image: This interaction is another way to show step-by-step procedure with the tabbed image. It can be a great way to present information and visually engage the learners.

Tabbed Image

In addition to these ten new interactions, there are many more new features added to Articulate Studio-13. Explore all of them and using them to present visually better to engage your learners.

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