New Streamlined Design and Features in Lectora Inspire 11

New Streamlined Design and Features in Lectora Inspire 11

Lectora Inspire is a powerful online course authoring tool that is very popular in the world of eLearning. The latest version of this tool, Lectora Inspire 11, is packed with several new innovative features that make the development of digital courses easier and quicker than even before. Let’s see what’s these features are.

Lectora Inspire

In this blog, I will talk the new features of Lectora Inspire 11 in more detail.

New Interface

It is now possible to develop courses faster as the new interface provides easy access to tools and wizards, thanks to its new sleek design.


Tin Can 1.0 Support

Lectora has updated its support to Tin Can API, the successor of SCORM. It is fully compatible with Tin Can API Release 1.0. Tin Can API allows any learning activity to be stored as a statement inside a Learning Record Store.

Action Pane

Another new feature of this tool is the Action Pane. This allows you to view the details and organize all actions tied to a Chapter, Section, Page or Object.

Action pane


Multi-place docking

This feature allows you to move the Action Pane and the Title Explorer (Thumbnail View and Detail View) to multiple locations, including being dragged onto a second monitor.

Multi place docking

Status Bar Commands

It is now possible to switch modes, and access alignment tools, such as the zoom slider, and the dynamic Position/Size Lock button through the Status Bar of Lectora Inspire 11.


Snagit 11

Another important feature of this wonderful tool is that the latest, full version of Snagit is available. Capture images on your screen and edit!



Audio Editor and Audio Recording Tool

Lectora Inspire 11 comes with a brand new audio tool that facilitates voice-over recording using a microphone. It is now possible to edit existing audio files and synchronize audio playback with events that occur within your project. You can also convert audio files to MP3 format.

Audio editor and audio recording tool

Video Editor and Video Recording Tool

A new tool for recording and editing videos is included in Lectora Inspire 11. You can now record videos directly from your Web camera. You can also edit existing video files and synchronize video playback with events and convert files to MP4 format.

Video editor video recording

Simplified Use of Variables

The “VAR” button in Lectora Isnpire 11 makes the use of variable values simple as they can be accessed easily by novice and intermediate users.

Improved Color Palette

This course authoring tool includes an updated color palette that allows the eLearning developer to choose from both “Recently Used colors” and “Saved colors”.

Improved color pallette

Import PowerPoint

You can now directly import PowerPoint presentations using this tool, and convert them into interactive online courses.

Import power point

Submit Tests and Surveys to Google Drive

This feature allows us to submit test and survey results to a spreadsheet in Google Drive for easy tracking and review of question interactions without the use of an LMS.

Social Objects

This feature allows users to share content in social media networks with Share buttons and other Social objects.

Social objects

These are some features of Lectora Inspire. If you are aware of more exicting features, please do share!

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