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Meet the 3 Musketeers – New Features of Articulate Storyline2 You Are Probably Unaware Of

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Meet the 3 Musketeers - New Features of Articulate Storyline2 You Are Probably Unaware Of

The Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V duo are the real time savers. But can we copy paste layers in Articulate Storyline? Well, though this option was not available in Articulate Storyline 1, this time-saver has been introduced in Articulate Storyline 2. This option is bound to ease the lives of developers. There are other options which help set animations based on learner actions and pause the timeline of slide layers when other layers are played.

Let’s explore each option in detail.

  1. Move
  2. Copy, Paste Layers
  3. Pause Timeline

1. Move

Using this feature, we can control the motion animation of an object. In Storyline2 there are many motion animations and custom animations. This Move trigger will be applied to an object to control its animations.


We can apply the Move trigger on an object to control the animation which has already been assigned to that object.



Applying this trigger to the object (Rectangle1), will move it in an Arc Motion Path when Rectangle2 is clicked.

2. Copy, Paste Layers

This feature avoids the need of creating repeated slide layers whenever needed. This reduces the development time of e-learning courses. We can copy the selected layer from one slide, and paste it to another slide. 


We can use this trigger to copy repeated slide layers such as the Alert popup layer, and paste in another slide wherever needed, throughout the course.

Copy, Paste Layers


The Alert layer is copied and can be pasted into another slide wherever required.

3. Pause Timeline

In Articulate Storlyine1, we could not pause the timeline of a slide layer when another slide layer is playing.

But by using this new Pause Timeline feature, the timeline of the base layer or any other slide layer can be paused so that there is no audio overlap when a different slide layer is played.


We can apply this trigger to pause the audio of the slide layer whenever another layer opens onscreen (for example, when an alert window pops up).

Pause Timeline


Using this trigger, the audio of the slide layer (S1) will be paused when the alert layer appears.

These are the some of the new features added in Articulate Storyline2, using which we can develop our eLearning courses very effectively, quickly, and with different types of functionalities based on our requirement.

I hope these features will help you in your course. Please do share your views.

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