How to Change the Navigation Method in Articulate Storyline?

How to Change the Navigation Method in Articulate Storyline?

How to Change the Navigation Method in Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline’s greatest feature is that you can customize any element of the eLearning course. One of them is the menu navigation where you can adjust the settings of the menu according to the requirement.

As you start a project in articulate storyline, the navigation method defaults toFree If you want the learner to be restricted and should move from one slide to another without jumping the slides from the menu, then you must switch to or Locked. This prevents learners from skipping the slides through menu.

Are you eager to know how to free, restrict or lock the menu? Here are the steps to modify the default settings provided in articulate storyline tool to create an eLearning course that better caters to your requirements.

Click on the Player menu from the Home button. The Player option is visible. Click on the Player button.

click on the player menu

You can notice that the Player Properties window is opened with its features.

player properties window

Select menu from Player Properties. You can find all the menu features.

select menu from player properties

  1. New heading
  2. Insert from project
  3. Delete heading
  4. Additional options
  5. Reset from Story

Here are the functionalities of each option give above.

New heading: to add a new heading to the course.

Insert from project: to add a new slide to the course.

Delete heading: to delete a slide from the menu.

Additional options: to adjust the menu settings.

Reset from Story to reset the menu in the course.

Additional options

By clicking on Additional options of the menu properties, the Menu Options window is opened.

Select one of the following from the list of Navigation Restriction.

Free: It helps the learner to navigate to any slide from the menu without restriction. The learner can jump to any slide from the menu.

menu options

Restricted: It will restrict the learner to jump independently. The learner should go through every slide; this means that the learner can view the current slide and previously visited slides, but cannot skip slides to go to the end.

navigation restrictions

Locked: It will restrict the learner only to jump from slide to slide. Here he can neither jump to the next slide nor even go to the previously visited slides. This means that the learner can just view the slide in a designed order.

navigation restriction locked

Select any of the Navigation Restriction from the list, which is more appropriate for developing the particular course requirements and click the OK button.

I hope you find this blog interesting. If you have worked with these settings, please do share your experience.

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