Moodle Customization – Multiple Domains in a Single LMS

Moodle Customization - Multiple Domains in a Single LMS

Moodle Customization - Multiple Domains in a Single LMS

Moodle is the most widely used open source learning management systems, according to the eLearning Guild. It is highly flexible and can be customized based on our needs. I got opportunities to attend brainstorming sessions with customers to identify their specific requirements to manage trainings on the LMS. One of the common requirements which is not available in Moodle is domains. They wanted to have multiple domains in the same LMS. Users or the administrator belonging to Domain-A should not be allowed to view/access the courses or users of Domain-B. There should be a chief administrator who should have access to all the users of or courses available in the LMS, irrespective of domains.

Using our expertise in Moodle customization, we have come up with a feature which will meet all customer requirements. We have created a plugin which will create domains and sub-domains, and these can be integrated with respective courses and users. Based on the domain, courses and user access will be provided.We also created a global domain which will provide access to users and courses in all domains.

We have recently setup this domain feature for one of our customers who conducts online exams and has many divisions across the world. The customer’s main requirement is to restrict a division from accessing other divisions’ exams and users because there are chances that divisions can assign wrong exams to users, and this could lead to confusion. They should assign the exams which they have created for their participants. This domain feature is ideal for them. We created multiple domains based on their divisions and gave appropriate permissions to manage the exams and users. One division cannot view users and exams of other divisions, and so, there is no chance of assigning the wrong assignment.

This domain feature can be used in various ways. One of our customers used the same feature in a different way. They wanted to sell their courses to organizations for a certain period and provide admin access to manage training programs and provide administration support, themselves, within the organizations. They create courses customized to a particular organization and assign them to a specific domain to enable the organization manage the training. As there is a domain restriction, one organization cannot access the courses or users of other organizations. The domain for some generic courses which can be shared with all organizations is set as Global. As the chief administrator, our customer has full access to all the courses and users. It is easier to manage the courses and users for various organizations in this way than setting up multiple LMSs.

If you are using a separate LMS for each customer, then you may consider this customized features to save time and effort. Hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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  • aceinc

    This is a feature that we were about to begin work on. Is your plug-in available as open source? If so where can we find it?