Guidelines for Using Multimedia Elements in Mobile Learning

Guidelines for Using Multimedia Elements in Mobile Learning

Multimedia elements such as animations and videos enrich courses visually. They attract the attention of users and so are being used in mLearning modules. In product training, process training and other similar situations, animations illustrate the working of a process or a product graphically, thereby providing better learning experiences. When such elements are included for mobile delivery, it is important to keep the following aspects in mind.

Keep the animations short

Mobile users interact with mobile devices for a short span of time. Therefore, animations and videos should not be longer than 4 minutes. Use file formats that load faster and are compatible with most devices. and


Avoid complex animations

Avoid animations that are not clearly visible on the screens of mobile devices. Animations should be simple and used to convey a single message. Resolution and frame rate of the animation should be reduced, so that they load easily on all mobile devices. 320×240 is the recommended resolution that will work on most smartphones.

Avoid complex animations

Animations should be consistent throughout the mLearning module. Avoid experimenting with too many variations in a single module.

Redesign Flash content:

If you have existing Flash content and would like to make use of it, you need to re-design it, as most mobile devices are not compatible with Flash.

Redesign Flash content

Videos should have smaller dimensions

The format that is ideal for videos is MP4. Frame rate can be 15, and the average bitrate can be 256. It is advisable to check the device of your users and the most optimum configuration.

Videos should have smaller dimensions

Avoid constant streaming:

It is preferable to pack the learning content into a mobile solution that “sits” on a user’s mobile device, instead of using constant streaming.

These are some of the important aspects to consider, while using multimedia elements in mLearning courses. I hope you find them useful.

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