How does Multilingual GUI for eLearning benefits LMS administrators?

How does Multilingual GUI for eLearning benefits LMS administrators?

Multilingual GUI

But what is a multilingual GUI of eLearning course? Well! It is a GUI that can accommodate multiple language versions of the same course in it. What’s more, a learner can switch between any language of his/ her choice!

Here is how it looks:


Imagine a scenario where you need to translate an eLearning course into 1-5 languages which you have to host on a Learning Management System. In this given situation the LMS administrator has to upload each individual SCORM/ AICC package (i.e. each individual language version) onto the LMS and assign learners specifically to their native language. However this will take considerable time for uploading 5 different language packages. But if it is uploading 10 or more language packages, can you imagine how much time it consumes for an LMS Administrator to host and assign the eLearning on LMS?

In order avoid all these hassles, we can use a “Multilingual GUI”. With multilingual GUI all required language versions are integrated into single GUI along with the English version. In this way the LMS administrator only has to host one comprehensive package which includes all 10 language versions.

And the LMS administrator can assign multilingual course only once which can be accessed by learners across the globe.


And now all learners can register and access a single course which has a feature to view all 10 languages with an option to choose their respective language and switch in between one language and other.

So from above, the multilingual GUI is the best option for LMS administrator to host translated versions of any eLearning course with 10 or more than of it.

If you want to view functional version of multilingual GUI with 10 language versions, please go through with below link:

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