Moodle – The Most Popular LMS of 2016: What Makes it So?

Moodle - The Most Popular LMS of 2016: What Makes it So?

Moodle - The Most Popular LMS of 2016: What Makes it So?

What comes to your mind when you think of managing your training content? A Learning Management System? Half your worries are gone if your choice of LMS is right. According to a report by Capterra, Moodle is the most popular Learning Management System in the world, when the number of users is taken into account. I am sure that sounded sweet if you are already using it. In case, you are not, there is no harm going through this blog to know why Moodle is one of the most popular LMSs in the world.

Moodle - LMS

Open Source LMS

Moodle is an open source software, which means the source code is accessible to all, distributed under the General Public License. Hence it allows anybody adapt and amend it for commercial as well as non-commercial projects.Users can not only amend but also share the modifications they make with the Moodle community. This helps in enhancing the software.


What makes Moodle the most popular LMS? Pat comes the reply, “It is free”. The good news is, you do not have to pay a licensing fee to own Moodle. Apart from the development and maintenance costs, it asks for little.

Intuitive Navigation

Moodle befriends the user with its simple user interface and easy navigation. It has three distinct columns. The middle one handles content, where the training courses can be accessed. It also offers information such as news and calendar. Other features such as docking, expandable and collapsible blocks, also contribute to providing users a hassle-free experience.

Easy to Add-on or Discard Features

One of the best things about Moodle is that, it welcomes additions and deletions. Any new features can be added or existing ones removed, as per the user’s needs. A new feature is tested internally and a beta version launched on the website. It is then shared with beta testers so that bugs may be reported. After fixing the bugs, a stable version is launched. Redundant features can be got rid of to evade confusion among the users.

Swift Deployment

Another benefit Moodle offers is its fast deployment and endless scalability. It can accommodate a sole user and a multitude of users with equal ease. The installation process is also simple, thereby slashing operating costs. The latest version of Moodle offers fast start templates that support advanced technologies, which further enhance Moodle deployment.

Offline Access

Now comes the best part, Moodle can help you train your workforce placed in remote areas too. Moodle’s compatibility with all mobile devices has made offline access possible. A mobile app with an offline player can support eLearning courses and assist the learner access the training courses.

Guess by now, you are almost there and can appreciate why Moodle is ranked among the most popular LMSs of 2016. Any LMS that supports and facilitates users’ needs and addresses them with the utmost care has every right to be popular. Easy navigation, quick add and remove features, swift deployment, cost-effectiveness, and offline access are the reasons that make training managers go gaga over the open source LMS, that is Moodle.

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