MOODLE – The Perfect LMS for Product Sales Training

Importance of Training Need Analysis in Today's Organizations

How can you deliver product training to your sales staff effectively? What does it take to get the maximum ROI on your product sales training program? Well, you need to use the right Learning Management System (LMS).

An LMS is a software application that allows you host, manage and track training programs in an effective manner. You can use the LMS to generate course-wise and user-wise reports and evaluate the progress of the learner and the efficacy of the course.

One of the most widely used LMSs in the corporate world is Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE). A survey conducted by Capterra revealed that MOODLE is the most popular LMS in the world. Today, we will see how this open-source application can help impart product knowledge to your sales team effectively.

Harness the full learning potential of the mobile

Most sales people are constantly on the move, and this makes m-learning the ideal format to train the sales reps. Many companies are using m-learning methodologies to train their sales folks. MOODLE provides excellent support to m-learning. Unlike a number of open-source LMSs, MOODLE enables companies to effectively deliver, track and manage their product sales training programs developed for tablets and Smartphones.

Make the best use of social learning

Social media have become an integral part of product sales training strategies of many companies. These firms are using these media to enable their sales staff to interact with each other and exchange ideas and share information. You can use MOODLE to manage social learning initiatives with a high degree of effectiveness. The LMS facilitates collaborative learning with features of Web 2.0. It can integrate features such as blogs, discussion forums, social media, chat forums, delivery of messages, and so on. It helps monitor learner groups and evaluate their progress.

Integrate MOODLE with CRM systems 

Proper integration of a firm’s LMS with its CRM system goes a long way in improving sales revenues. The organization can effectively streamline its sales training programs and sell its learning solutions to customers. MOODLE can be integrated with popular CRM systems such as SAP, Sugar CRM, and so on.

Deliver training to the extended enterprise securely

Imparting good product training to the extended enterprise is vital to increasing sales. Many firms, however, hesitate to provide their dealers and other business partners access to their LMS due to data security concerns. The solution to this problem is using an add-on LMS, exclusively to deliver training to the extended enterprise. You can use MOODLE to meet this need in a cost-effective manner, as it is an open-source system.

Deliver multilingual training programs effectively 

Globalization is the order of the day. Companies are launching their products across the world, and this has resulted in the birth of a new need – training their international sales force that speaks several languages. To meet this need, firms are translating their online product sales training courses into multiple languages. A powerful LMS which provides good multi-lingual support is needed to manage these learning programs efficiently. MOODLE can be used to meet this requirement effectively. This LMS supports more than 200 languages, and this enables multinational companies (MNCs) to meet their product sales training management needs very well.

MOODLE is best suited to meet the product sales training management needs of organizations. The LMs supports more than 200 languages and enables companies harness the full potential of m-learning. It helps firms make good use of social media and impart training to the staff of business partners in a secure manner. MOODLE can be integrated with popular CRM systems. Hope you find this post interesting. Do share your views.

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