A Love Letter to Moodle from a Training Manager

A Love-letter to Moodle from a Training Manager

Jim is a training manager who works for a reputed pharmaceutical company. His organization has been using Moodle to manage trainings for the last 3 years. Moodle played a key role in enhancing the efficiency of the L&D department of his firm by helping conduct trainings in a seamless and systematic manner. Jim started to admire the Learning Management System (LMS) and over the months fell head over heels in love with it.

On the third anniversary of the use of Moodle in his organization, Jim has written a letter to the LMS. Let us now try to understand the feelings of this training manager about his lover in his own words.

My lovely darling Moodle,

                                  Ever since you entered my heart 3 years ago, I had some wonderful experiences. You won me accolades from my boss, by helping me handle the training programs in our organization with a high degree of effectiveness. My heart fills with joy when I am reminded of these aspects of our relationship.

Helping me provide training for our global workforce

You know that our organization conducts operations in several countries and that we need to impart training to globally dispersed staff in their native languages. You helped us manage our multi-lingual training with ease and effectiveness. I am sure this wouldn’t have been much of a problem to you. After all, you speak more than 100 languages. Don’t you?

Providing unparalleled support to mobile learning in our organization

I must confess that I was a bit hesitant of your capabilities to support mobile learning (mLearning) in our company. I thought that you couldn’t be so useful to manage learning on mobile devices because you hail from the family of open-source LMSs. But I was wrong. You have provided all the support for the success of mLearning in our organization. Hats off to you!

Facilitating high quality collaborative learning

My learners use a number of collaborative learning tools such as Blogs, Discussion Forums, Podcast, Social Media, Offline Messaging, Email Communications, and so on. You have rendered great help by supporting these instruments of social learning. You also proved that you can manage learning through Chat and Live Web Conferencing efficiently. You are truly remarkable.

Giving support to us through your community

Your community is large and very supportive. It helps you stay relevant to changing times by providing updates and enabling you to satisfy ever-evolving learning needs. Members of your community have provided us with user-support whenever we needed it. Indeed, you are blessed to have such a loving family dedicated to you.

Assisting us in tracking our training programs effectively

We have been able to track the progress of our learners in a very effective way thanks to your wonderful capabilities. You have incredible grading capabilities. You allow us to set conditions in activities that restrict the entry of learners. You also help us set standards of completion for the training activities. I salute your powers of progress-tracking.

Enabling us generate the reports of our choice

It is often said that reporting capabilities are the heart of an LMS. The various types of reports that we generated over these 3 years stand as testimonials to your abilities. You are indeed the best LMS in the world.

Allowing us to assess our learners the way we want

Learning without assessments is incomplete. By helping us assess our learners, using a wide variety of question types, you facilitate comprehensive evaluation of the knowledge and skills of our staff. Furthermore, you allow randomization of quiz questions that go a long way in making assessments credible. You are of great help!

Thus, you have been the cornerstone of the effective functioning of our L&D department. I am confident of reaching greater heights with your continued support.

Forever yours,

Jim Richards

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