Why Most Organizations Prefer Moodle for LMS Hosting?

Why Most Organizations Prefer Moodle for LMS Hosting?

moodle for lms hosting

Moodle is a software application designed to deliver effective web-based learning and training. It is broadly used as a training portal to deliver online courses, workplace training, learning assessment and induction classes.

Moodle Services and Features:
Moodle is being increasingly preferred over other options by organizations because of the following reasons:

  • Moodle is an open source platform. And it is compliant with SCORM and AICC standards. Users can use its code freely or they can modify it according to their need. So many organizations prefer Moodle to implement their LMS as it can be designed according to their prerequisites.
  • Moodle has features like discussion forums, chat rooms, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, quizzes, and surveys which are used to engage learners in their training process. These features ensure learner engagement and better learning.
  • Monitoring user activity, tracking, feedback and grade book functionality are some of the features that are helpful to track learner’s progress and to implement further action for their improvement. Its statistical analysis capabilities allow trainers to assess learner participation.
  • Efficient handling of assignments with privacy and security capabilities is possible in Moodle. It gives a good level of support to more than 100 languages, which is not necessarily offered by other open web tools.
  • As it is the open source, it has no licensing costs. Additionally, there are lots of free plugins that can be downloaded according to need. Administrators have the support of a strong Moodle community for handling any issues. Free resources in the form of documentation, forums, books and manuals are available to users unlike in the case of other tools where users need to incur additional costs for other services such as supporting and hosting.
  • Easy up gradation of LMS is possible with Moodle. And it is very scalable to accommodate more or fewer users as per the training requirement.

Moodle offers services and support which exactly coincide with the organization’s LMS needs. That is the reason why most of the organizations feel Moodle is the best tool to promote learning, and prefer it to be their Learning Management System.

report on lms adoption

Fig (1) Report on LMS Adoption

lms market share by company size

Fig (2) LMS Market Share by Company Size

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  • Moodle is one of the most effective and significant open source projects on the education nowadays. It concentrates on collaborative content construction along with conversation and it is a continuous evolution.

  • Moodle LMS has many more conventional functions . Moodle can be used in many kinds of surroundings such as in education and studying, coaching and growth, and company configurations.