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Collaborative Learning through Moodle [Infographic]

Written By Ramesh Betha

Collaborative Learning through Moodle [Infographic]

Collaborative or social learning is a type of learning where people gain knowledge working in groups. Learners interact with each other and exchange ideas and information to solve problems. Various researches have proven that collaborative learning to be very effective as it improves thinking skills and enhances leadership capabilities. So, how can you facilitate effective collaborative learning in an online environment? Well, you need to use a learning management system (LMS).

There are many LMSs in the marketplace which support collaborative learning programs. Of these, Moodle is the most popular and widely used. According to Capterra, this open-source LMS is used by 60 million people worldwide, nearly double the number of users of its nearest competitor. Let us now look at the features of this system, which facilitates collaborative learning.

Collaborative Learning through Moodle [Infographic]

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