Can Moodle Send Automatic Email Notification to Bulk Users?

Can Moodle Send Automatic Email Notification to Bulk Users?

Can Moodle Send Automatic Email Notification to Bulk Users?

Moodle an open source online learning platform has a wide range of features that could be customized and satisfy most of the organization’s training requirements. Here I would like to share with you details about one such feature that we have customized in Moodle.

Consider an organization that plans to impart training to 1000 employees using Moodle. An LMS administrator assigns training to the employees. He has to send an email notification to every employee regarding the course enrollment. It is frustrating to send personalized messages manually to everyone to whom training has been assigned and this task consumes a lot of time.

To automate such a process, we can customize Moodle in such a way that when an LMS Administrator assigns a course to a particular user or bulk users, the course enrolling notification mail will be automatically sent to them.

We have customized this feature for one our clients. Let us see how this works step by step – how easy it has become for the LMS administrator of our client to send the course enrolling email notification to the users after customization.

Step1: An LMS administrator can click the enrolled users tab in the Administrator user’s menu as shown below.

Administrator user’s block screen

Step 2: After clicking on “enrolled users” the following screen appears.

Enrolled users button screen

Step 3: If you need to assign the course for bulk users, click the enroll user button displayed at the bottom of the page. After clicking, the following page appears.

List of enrolled users and Not enrolled users screen

Step 4: In the search box under the heading “Not enrolled users” type the name of the user group you need to assign.

Search available users screen

Step 5: Select the user or multiple users and add to the column on the left side box (enrolled users) by using the add button.

Not enrolled users list screen

Step 6: Once you have added the users to the list of enrolled users, a mail from the LMS administrator regarding the course enrolling notification will be automatically sent to the respective users.

Here is a sample course enrolling notification email format:

Sample course enrolling notification email format screen

This is a time-saving process for an LMS administrator.
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