Using the MOODLE LMS to Train the Staff of Your Channel Partners

Using the MOODLE LMS to Train the Staff of Your Channel Partners

Using the MOODLE LMS to Train the Staff of Your Channel Partners

As companies move to new shores and business activities become more complex than ever, the role of channel partners is becoming increasingly important. Organizations need to make the best use of partner ecosystems, and one of the key elements in harnessing the full potential of the extended enterprise is effective training. Firms need to make sure the people of their business partners have the same knowledge of their products as their reps, to increase selling efficiencies. But, how can you impart good training to the staff of your partners? Well, you need to use a Learning Management System (LMS).

An LMS is a computer application that enables you to host, manage and track training programs effectively. It allows you to generate course-wise and user-wise reports and assess the progress of the learners and the efficacy of the training programs.

Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE) is the most popular LMS. A survey conducted by Capterra revealed that MOODLE is the most widely-used LMS in the world. Today, we will see how this open-source application can help impart effective product sales training.

1. Train the staff of channel partners in a secure manner

Many firms hesitate to share the details of their sales process with their business partners, and this acts as a major impediment in imparting good training to the workforce of partners. Staffers of channelpartners trained on the sales processes could switch over to competitors, and this could cause severe loss.

How can MOODLE help? – MOODLE is an open-source application, and therefore, very cost-effective compared to proprietary LMSs with similar features. Companies can use an extra instance of this LMS, exclusively to train the staff of channel partners. This way, they can ensure that only the necessary information reaches the extended enterprise and confidential data is protected.

2. Deliver training to global, multilingual channel partners

Thanks to globalization, firms are utilizing the services of channel partners spread all across the world. Many of these partners are located in non-Anglophone countries, and their staff is not proficient in English. Therefore, it is important to impart training to these people in their native languages. This has created the need for an LMS, which can provide good support to multilingual training programs.

How can MOODLE help?–MOODLE supports more than 200 languages. This feature of the LMS makes it possible to deliver training programs in the native languages of the business partners’ staff members, enhancing the effectiveness of their learning.

3. Measure the efficacy of the extended enterprise training

It is very important for firms to know how their training initiatives have helped enhance the performance of the staff of channel partners. This would enable companies to make suitable changes to thetraining programs, if necessary.

How can MOODLE help? – You can generate a wide variety of reports using MOODLE to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Furthermore, the LMS is compatible with Tin Can API, the latest development in learning technology, which allows firms to correlate their extended enterprise training efforts with the actual performance of their distributors. 

Measure the efficacy of the extended enterprise training

Imparting effective training to the learners of the extended enterprise is vital to increasing the sales of your products. MOODLE allows you to deliver training without compromising the security of sensitive information.It helps you provide good training to the staff of your business partners spread across the globe. The LMS enables you evaluate the efficacy of the training provided to the staff members of channel partners. Hope you liked this post. How do you impart extended enterprise training? Do share with us.

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