How to Modify Illustrated Characters in Articulate Presenter 13?

How to Modify Illustrated Characters in Articulate Presenter 13?

If you do not want to have same old characters in your eLearning courses, if you want to modify the look of the default characters, if you want to add some interesting elements to them to add that zing to your courses, you should know the latest features in Articulate Presenter 13.

Articulate Presenter 2013 offers many illustrated and photographic characters. These characters are inbuilt in Presenter and Storyline too. Presenter has one Photographic character and 40 illustrated characters. There are about 20 male and 20 female characters to choose from. We can make more than 47,500 combinations from these characters changing their dimensions, expressions and poses. This feature is not available in the erstwhile Articulate Presenter 09.

In comparison, Articulate Storyline’s illustrated characters are not editable and modified.


Let’s see how to add and modify a character in your presentation:


Step 1: Open your Presentation.

Open Your Presentation

Step 2: Click the Articulate Tab.

Click the Articulate Tab

Step 3: Click Character in the Articulate tab.

Click Character in Articulate tab

Step 4: Click the illustrated tab in the character dropdown menu.

Click Illustrated tab in Character Dropdown Menu

Step 5: Illustrated characters window will appear and then choose/select your character, expression and Pose.

Select your Character, Expression and Pose

Step 6: Selected character appears in your presentation.

Selected Character appears in your Presentation

Step 7: Right click on the character; the Edit dialogue box will appear.

Right click on theCcharacter, Edit dialogue box will appear

Step 8: Click the Edit Picture in the dialogue box.

Click the Edit Picture in dialogue box


Step 9: One Microsoft PowerPoint window box will appear. You can just click the Yes button in window box.

Click the Yes button in Window box

Step 10: This picture is converted into a drawing objective. You can now add elements you wish to include. Here I have tried giving the character a waist coat.

Drawing Objective

Step 11: Select any part of the Picture and then click the Format Tab.

Part of the Picture

Step 12: Select your parts; apply the Shape Fill color in the Format Tab.

Apply Shape Fill


You now have the old character with a new look. Thus, it is really simple to edit and modify the character’s shapes, size, and color of various elements in Articulate Presenter and create personalized characters. Do let me know how you have used this to enhance your eLearning courses.

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