How Is Mobile Technology Influencing Learning Trends?

How Is Mobile Technology Influencing Learning Trends?

How Is Mobile Technology Influencing Learning Trends?

Mobile technology is playing a vital role in employee training across organizations due to its ease of accessibility. In fact, mobile learning is expected to drastically change the way trainers or trainees participate in training events or access different kinds of information.

The trend of mobile learning is just beginning to catch up and is expected to set a standard in training settings given its flexibility and ease of use. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that companies are investing more in raising the infrastructure for trainings on the go and encouraging their employees to “go mobile” for any training-related information.

What is mobile learning and why this became viral?

Mobile learning is delivering training solutions via mobile devices, examples can be smartphones, e-readers, and tablets that take advantage of mobile connectivity to access the training content.

Companies are planning or some of them are already investing in implementing mobile technologies in advancing their training platform to a wider audience. They are also integrating it with the training hosting platform using rapid authoring tools. The main advantages of adopting mLearning are the possibility of 24/7 access of training materials and just-in-time access.

M-learning is improving the training methodologies by building a bridge between two unique technologies:

  • It offers a wider geographical reach as mobile networks today cover a vast portion of the global population. It also increases the availability of trainings at your finger tip.
  • It provides real-time access to trainees and trainers, while allowing users to access training solutions whenever or wherever required as compared to the constraints that are experienced through traditional classrooms trainings with huge training costs.
  • Mobile technology will help learners to easily access the required information whenever they need, and apply their learnings at workplace quickly.

Most of the organizations that are planning to initiate mobile learning will have to relook into their IT or security policies. To get started, they can select any mobile device that they think the existing courses would be compatible with.

Here are some of the benefits of mlearning:

  1. Easy access to bits of information whenever/wherever a learner needs.
  2. Ability of employees to use their own mobile devices.
  3. Potential of mobile technology to reduce the cost of IT support/delivery.
  4. Enhance or improve learning by creating communication platform between trainers and trainees.
  5. More control to learners to choose when and where he or she wants to learn.

Mobile learning technology will continue to spread as the devices, with wider applications, become more readily accessible to learners. Organizations can even develop learning applications that can be installed on mobile devices making the learning content more secure and easy to access without the need for Internet access all the time.

So are you ready to implement or enhance your infrastructure to support mobile learning technology?

If so, you need to look at the existing systems like LMS to see if it is compatible with mobile devices. If they are not, you may require making a transition. Learning Management Systems require frequent auditing to check its ability to cater to changing needs of the organization such as mlearning.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please do share with us if you are looking to invest in enhancing your existing infrastructure to make it compatible with mobile learning.

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