Mobile Technologies: 3 Reasons to Think about Them Twice

What Makes Mobile Learning Popular in Corporate Training?

Mobile Technologies: 3 Reasons to Think about Them Twice

How many devices do you use in a single day? One, two, or may be more than that. Of all the devices, mobiles or preferably smartphones have become indispensible in our day-to-day activities. The same thing is applicable in our learning context.

In an organizational context, every now and then, we come across some new software in the market which can be used for eLearning course development or it can be used for training and development. Thus, on all these occasions, we cannot arrange classroom training as and when required on a daily basis. Therefore, it is the wakeup call for all eLearning professionals to reap the benefits of mobile technologies.

1. Better Mobile Connectivity

The far reaching benefit of mobile technology is that it provides increased (or increasing) connectivity. It enables all learners to get connected at one go. The better half of mobile technology states that with 4G implementation, things will become easier for learners such as working on large documents, downloading big files and so on. So, with mobile technology, learning content will be available to all learners all the time.

2. Flexible Working Hours

The days are gone where employees are tied down in front of their desktop. Organizations are making the workplace a better place allowing flexible work hours. Thus, mobile technologies are giving us the opportunities to learn comfortably, at the time and place of our choice. The starting and finishing tasks are the sole responsibility of the learning practitioner himself.

3. Multifarious Uses

Don’t think of mobile technology only for the sake of learning. It enables a wide variety of other uses which will benefit the learners. And more so, the next generation of learners (the Gen-Y and Gen-Z) are more tech-savvy and prefer to be digitally connected all the while.

Therefore, with such a wide variety of benefits, it is high time for learners to embrace mobile technology rather than keeping it aside. You might state that in mLearning, the course is of short duration and due to its small screen we cannot view a high resolution image. Yes, there may be a few pitfalls of mobile learning, but its benefits are far more in comparison to its negatives.

The key takeaway here is mobile technology puts forward increasing options and thus we should focus on developing learning content that is easily acceptable to the learner. Hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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