Safety Training at Your Workforce’s Fingertips – Offer Mobile Learning

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Safety Training at Your Workforce’s Fingertips – Offer Mobile Learning

Field workers and those who work amid heavy machinery and in the chemical industry are more prone to accidents. Statistics by the US Department of Labor show that the construction sector alone accounted for 20.5% or 874 worker deaths, out of 4,251 in all sectors of private industries for the year 2014. Field workers don’t sit at their desks and work on computers all the time. So how they can be trained on safety practices? Training should reach them wherever they are, and shouldn’t disturb their work and productivity. How can you do that? Providing mobile learning content on safety training is the answer.

Check out this case study to find how mobile learning was delivered effectively on safety training.

Safety training on mobiles

The University of Texas and the New Mexico State University jointly provided safety training through mobile technologies for Dairy workers that yielded the desired results. 330 workers in remote dairy farms across Texas and New Mexico could take the safety training using mobile devices within 10 months. This also made safety training reinforcement effortless. The safety training was delivered in English and Spanish, which helped workers, understand the concepts in their native language. Dairy workers said safety training through mobiles is engaging; they could retain the information for longer periods and apply the best practices in their jobs effectively.

Now let’s see how mobile learning fits in safety training.

Reinforcement for retention

One of the biggest challenges for safety managers is, workers forget what they learn over a period of time. Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus’ research shows that people forget nearly half of newly learned knowledge in a matter of some days or weeks, if it is not reinforced periodically.  Delivering safety training via mobile learning solutions makes training reinforcement easy for organizations. In a blended learning approach, safety training managers can start their training with ILT followed by e-learning modules. Refresher training can be given periodically to retain the best practices via mobile learning.

Cater to the point of need

Most of the safety training goals are immediate and simple. So the training content should be bite-sized. Quick access to information is also vital. All this is possible through mobile learning. Right content for the right context is accessible at the fingertips of workers through mobile devices.

Through bite-sized modules, safety training managers can deliver training on specific topics such as hazard communications, safety with electric equipment, fall protection in the construction sector, etc. Incorporating 3-5 minute videos on the causes of accidents, risk situations, and the precautionary measures to be taken, will bring maximum impact. To know more about the impact of videos in safety training, check the case study of workshop videos developed for an Australian Insurance company.

Best practices for safety

80% of workplace accidents happen due to unsafe practices. Most of these are slips, trips, falls, electrocutions, being struck by objects, getting caught-in/between machinery/moving parts, manual handling or lifting, etc. Providing bite-sized videos via mobiles on avoiding these issues and the best practices to be followed at the workplace is very effective. Apart from this, using flash cards to present the dos and don’ts, info-graphics on the operating procedures of safety equipment, etc. will give good results for safety training. The mobile learning platform can be used to notify workers on best practices, updates, and act as a job-aid to help do the tasks in the right manner.

Organizations can deliver safety training effortlessly to their workers using mobile learning solutions. It is accessible to field workers at their finger tips all the time. Moreover, with effective safety training using mobiles, you can save irreplaceable human loss, avoid huge legal liabilities, and promote a safety culture at workplace.

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