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How Mobile Learning Challenges Can Be Conquered

If the prediction by Gartner is anything to go by, a massive 70% of the mobile workforce will be using tablets by 2017. This statistic is enough for you to venture into the world of mobile learning if you haven’t yet. Mobile learning is learning through mobile devices such as Smartphones, iPads, and tablets. Delivering training to your mobile salesforce on their mobile devices to help them access information just-in-time is a boon. But every boon has a goon and in this case, there are not one, but three goons. Let’s see what they are and how you can combat these three goons to enjoy the boons!

The goon: Limited screen size

The small screen size of mobile devices restricts the view and navigation of the content presented. It not only causes eye-strain to your sales reps but also forces them to maintain a hunched posture for long, which may, in the long run lead to severe health issues. Let’s ignore that for now but the scope it leaves for learners not getting complete information is a cause of concern. Also due to its small size, the amount of content that can be demonstrated onscreen at a time is quite less and that troubles the learner. Since, it is difficult to present lengthy text on small screens, learners at times are deprived of useful information.

The goon: Limited screen size

The boon: Content chunking 

Hats off to this e-learning strategy known as content chunking that helps you break the content into more convenient and easy to consume bits and pieces. Despite the limited screen size, effective content chunking – both at the module and the screen level, can act as a soothing balm to your reps as they are relieved of eye fatigue. You can use bulleted lists instead of paragraphs, images instead of explanations, and videos instead of describing how a product functions to help them overcome the issue of limited screen size.

The goon: Limited scope 

M-learning fails to deliver lengthy courses as it can’t carry the load of a comprehensive module on its delicate shoulders. As learners’ attention is bound to decrease over time, thanks to the forgetting curve, mobiles are a good way to offer standalone micro modules on product specifications, product demos, etc. rather than a comprehensive module.

The goon: Limited scope

The boon: Personalized and Just-in-time learning 

M-learning modules can be part of a larger training program and offer on-demand learning to learners. They therefore offer personalized and just-in-time learning. For instance, a sales rep, on the way to a client’s place, receives a call from another client asking for some product specification she’s interested in. The sales rep quickly whips out his mobile and in a few taps, is ready to pass on the information to the client. The client is glad she could get the information she needed within no time. Hence, it is ideal for filling the skill gaps left unattended by training.

The goon: Restricted connectivity 

Your constantly on-the-go sales reps have to visit your prospects quite often to develop a rapport with them so that they turn into customers. They may need to travel to remote areas where limited connectivity deprives them of the information they need at any specific point of time.

The goon: Restricted connectivity

The boon: Mobile apps

Your reps can breathe a sigh of relief as mobile apps come to their rescue. With apps, reps can download learning material and access the same even when they are in areas with low bandwidth/low Internet connection.

Keeping the millennial sales reps in mind, whose favorite gadget is the mobile they love to check several times a day (Don’t believe? A recent study by TNS, a global research consultancy, reveals that the average U.S. millennial spends 3.1 hours per day on his mobile.), there can’t be second thoughts on opting for mobile learning as a training option. Though limited screen size, scope, and connectivity try to deter the boons of M-learning, yet content-chunking, just-in-time learning, and mobile apps keep these goons at bay.

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