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4 Mobile Learning Blogs You Will Be Interested in Checking Out!

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4 Mobile Learning Blogs You Will Be Interested in Checking Out!

According to a research by Pew Research Center, 72% adults in the United States own a Smartphone. A mobile device has become such a necessity these days that everyone desires to have one (at least). Taking advantage of this, many companies have broken the perception of the mobile device merely being a communication device and are migrating their training programs to these devices. But a few of them are still reluctant to adopt this methodology due to a lack of proper understanding. So, here are 4 mobile learning blogs that provide information on mobile learning such as the use of the mobile device to drive performance, its advantages, trends, and a few conversion tips.

Making the Best Use of the Mobile Device to Drive Performance

To drive performance using mobile devices, it is important that you know how and when to use mobile learning methodology. You must know how the trends such as microlearning and social learning can be delivered through mobile devices to give better results. You must also know how to make good use of the various features of mobile devices to deliver contextual learning. This blog talks of exactly the same. It ponders on how companies can deliver good training through Smartphones and tablets and what it takes to harness the power of the mobile device to improve performance. Click here to read the blog.

The Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Learning

You do not implement mobile learning solutions just because all your employees own Smartphones. You consider other benefits as well, don’t you? You will see whom it will benefit the most, if you can blend it with your existing training methods, or if it provides any other irresistible benefits. Considering this, here is a blog that talks about the top four benefits of mobile learning. Click here to read the blog.

Mobile Learning Trends

Mobile devices are no longer restricted to being communication tools. Similarly, mobile learning doesn’t mean just accessing e-learning courses on mobile devices rather than computers. The new innovations, advancements, and inventions in mobile learning have brought up new trends to experience different learning methods such as game-based learning and gamified assessments, microlearning, location-based learning, video-based learning, and the like. Here is a blog that talks about the hot trends of mobile learning. Click here to read the blog.

7 Tips Converting E-learning Courseware to Mobile Learning

To convert an e-learning course to m-learning, you do not just chose an HTML5 supporting authoring tool and convert your e-learning to mobile-compatible courses. You need to consider various aspects such as varying screen sizes, the maximum content that could fit on each screen, the different navigation styles of mobile devices, the duration of the course, and more. Here is a blog that talks about the 7 tips to consider while repurposing your existing e-learning to mobile learning. Click here to read the blog.

These are the 4 must read blogs that will help you with the different aspects of mobile learning. They help you make the best use of mobile devices to drive performance, identify the benefits, and hot trends of mobile learning, and help you effectively repurpose your existing e-learning to mobile learning.

Hope you find the blogs useful. Do share your thoughts on mobile learning.

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