The Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Learning

The Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Learning

The Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is the new era of training or learning that seems to have many takers for its ease of use and portability options. In simple terms, portability and connectivity to information sources are the cornerstones of mLearning. And this feature of it has caught the eye of many organizations to train their employees.

The primary mobile devices used to facilitate mobile learning include the following:

  • Smartphones
  • iPads and other tablet devices
  • PDAs

In this blog, I have discussed the top four benefits of mobile learning:

1. Beneficial for people on the go: An essential characteristic of mobile learning includes anytime and anywhere access to content. It has the ability to deliver just-in-time knowledge at the point of need. This feature reduces learner’s dependency on a fixed learning location. For example, we have created a sales training course for pharma medical representatives. These people always have to travel to different locations to meet doctors or prospects and sell their product. So for them, we have designed byte-sized nuggets that last 2-3 mins, with which they can simply refresh their learning while travelling or while waiting for a doctor. Have a look at the following screenshot taken from one such course.

Beneficial for people on the go

2. Ensures completion rate of the courses: One of the major benefits of mobile learning is that with the help of byte-sized nuggets we can easily increase the course completion status of the learners. The learner does not feel the burden of taking the courses if they are only 5-10 mins long. They can access these courses whenever they have time. For instance, we have created a safety training course for meidcos in an organization. After a thorough analysis of the inputs, we decided to split the inputs into three seperate modules which contained approximately 6 to 7 screens. Have a look at the screenshot given below for a better idea.

Ensures completion rate of the courses

3. Can obtain better results with the blended learning approach: To get the most out of mobile learning,follow a blended learning approach. For instance, we can conduct a pre-test on a mobile device and based on the learner’s current knowledge, the actual training could be conducted. The second way is after a classroom training, the final assessment could be conducted on mobile devices to test learners’ understanding.

Can obtain better results with the blended learning approach

4. Provides better performance support: We all know very well that a learner might not remember all the things taught during the training. So it is essential to reinforce the knowledge on a timely basis. For instance, we have created a product training course for one of our clients. The key dos and don’ts of operating an equipment were shown in the form of a short video. This can be accessed by a learner via a mobile device just before operating the equipment.

Provides better performance support

So, these are a few reasons as to why mobile learning has gained ground – it would be interesting to monitor future trends.

Do share your thoughts on the same.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in December 2011 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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  • I am getting ready to lacunh a website that I want to tie construction and environmental training and certification into. After looking at several resellers and distributors, combined with the cost of the site itself it may not be practical to institute our own insite training. I have just learned about portals and would like to know if they can be used to gain revenue as well by driving our users through the portal to service providers. Having the revenue will be one of our only ways of securing moneys to reinvest in our program, as we don’t charge the user for most our services. Would this be a ethical way to gain revenue? Any info?