Mobile – The Ideal Platform for Delivering Micro Learning

Mobile – The Ideal Platform for Delivering Micro Learning

Mobile - The Ideal Platform for Delivering Micro Learning

The radical developments in the ICT sector have made mobile devices an integral part of our lives. These incredible gadgets have revolutionized every facet of human life and learning is no exception.

It is possible to effectively deliver micro lessons over mobiles. These lessons are very helpful in improving productivity because they help to:

Perform better

How could you ensure efficient application of learning to work? Delivery of micro-lessons over mobile devices is the perfect solution because it helps the learner to access learning at the point of need.

Most of us carry mobiles to our workplace. Don’t we? Small chunks of information could be efficiently transmitted over these gadgets. Employees could use these micro-lessons as ready reckoners to obtain the much-needed JIT support.

Learn effectively

Do you wish to provide convenient, yet effective training to your personnel? This learning need could be efficiently satisfied by imparting micro learning on mobile gadgets.

It is common knowledge that participants in corporate training programs often feel overwhelmed when presented with large amounts of information. Effective training could be delivered by systematically breaking the content into several micro lessons. Learners could easily “digest” concepts and retain them better.

Mobiles make learning highly flexible because it could be accessed everywhere at all times. These devices truly break the shackles of place and time. Thus, delivery of micro-lessons on these devices facilitates highly effective, anytime, anywhere learning.

Reinforce learning

Are you looking for ways to cement the learning of your employees? Concepts learnt in workshops could be efficiently reinforced through micro learning sessions because the gist of the learning could be effectively captured in small chunks of information.

These lessons of a short duration, when delivered through mobile gadgets, help the learner to revise the concepts conveniently – whenever and wherever he wishes, even in “dead time”, while travelling or waiting.

Conveniently use voluminous data

How could you effectively present voluminous data to workers when they need it the most? The answer to this question is presentation of the data in the form of micro content over mobiles.

Users can efficiently work with large amounts of information when it is divided into smaller meaningful chunks. These could be readily accessed through mobile devices enabling the personnel to use voluminous data when needed.

Make better decisions

How could information needed to take appropriate decisions be delivered quickly and efficiently? Mobile devices could be used to provide the right information to make the right decision at the right time.

Information delivered in small chunks could be readily and easily accessed through mobile devices. This helps make better decisions and better decisions make better organizations.

Thus, we see that mobile devices are ideal means of imparting micro learning. How do you provide effective training through micro lessons using mobiles? We would love to learn from your experiences.

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