M-Learning for the Ultimate Learning Experience

M-Learning for the Ultimate Learning Experience

M-Learning for the Ultimate Learning Experience

Mobile Internet users will surpass desktop Internet users by 2014 worldwide – Morgan Stanley Research.

Radical developments in the ICT sector have transformed the very way we interact. The advent of highly mobile and powerful electronic devices has made m-Learning a reality. Today, it is possible for us to take full-fledged courses on tablet computers and smartphones.

M-Learning has truly made learning possible anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices facilitate highly affordable and effective learning. They help provide an excellent learning experience because of the following reasons:

Complete learner control is possible

Learners can readily access courses through these highly portable devices, making learning always available. This feature of m-Learning provides unparalleled flexibility to the user. The user can exercise total control over the learning process. This highly learner-centric format helps learners plan the learning activities and derive maximum benefit from the learning programs. The learning process is indeed personalized.

Short RLOs facilitate better learning

M-Learning helps exploit the full potential of byte-sized learning. Lengthy courses can be broken into reusable learning objects (RLOs), facilitating the creation of lessons of a shorter duration. These modules deliver concepts quickly in an effective manner. Users of m-Learning often find this very useful because it is easy to assimilate these byte-sized lessons. Smaller lessons result in reduced cognitive loads and better retention of the learning content. Byte-sized learning programs are also very useful in the reinforcement of concepts already learnt.

Different learning media are supported

The text in m-Learning courses is often supplemented with rich graphical content. Various multimedia components such as videos, animation, and so on can be embedded into the lessons delivered on these devices. This makes learning highly rewarding.

Interactive learning is facilitated

It is possible to incorporate a number of interactive learning elements, which make learning very interesting. Games, quizzes, puzzles, and other similar activities help engage learners and stimulate their mental abilities. This makes learning through mobile devices a very satisfying and an enriching experience.

Power of social learning is unleashed

Users of m-Learning could exploit the full potential of social learning, thanks to the ever-increasing power of the Internet. SMS could be used effectively for contributing to discussion forums, for sharing knowledge directly with other learners and for performing other learning activities.

There is more to mobile devices than just delivery of a gratifying learning experience.

They create LEARNER DELIGHT. Have you enjoyed mLearning? Do share your experiences with us in the comments box below.

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