Mobile Learning Trends – Personalized Learning Experiences

Mobile Learning Trends – Personalized Learning Experiences

Mobile Learning Trends – Personalized Learning Experiences

Augmented reality, location-based learning, just-in-time learning, just-in-case learning – these are all some of the terms that one hears today in relation to mLearning or mobile learning. Some sound futuristic, while others seem to be too abstract to be applied in actual learning situations; but some such as just-in-time learning appear to make sense.

Technology keeps getting better and better and new gadgets, methods and applications would continue to make their appearance. They will continue to influence the way we would access information and learn. However, what remains fundamental to mobile learning is its objective to make knowledge accessible to learners when on the move.

It is important that the learning experience is tuned to the needs of learners – that is, create personalized learning experiences for learners. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the subject of the keynote address that is going to be presented at the forthcoming International Mobile Learning Conference.

The 10th International Conference on Mobile Learning 2014 has just concluded in Spain. The keynote speaker at the conference was Steve Benford, Professor of Collaborative Computing in the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the University of Nottingham. I was fascinated by the abstract of the paper he presented at the conference, and in many ways it represents the mobile learning trends of the future.

Prof. Benford focuses on the potential of gifting ‘personalized learning experiences’ based on recent projects in art galleries/museums, where individuals created customized mobile tours for friends or loved ones. I guess we could get more insights about Prof Benford’s idea about ‘personalized learning experiences’ after we get an access to the paper, when it is uploaded on the website and see how it can be applied to the corporate context.

However, I can make some guesses. Here are some situations where such personalized learning experiences can be created for employees, customers, dealers or stakeholders. If done well, they can be great motivating factors or relationship-building methods for organizations.

  1. New employees of a large organization could get a guided tour of the organization introducing them to various departments, facilities and benefits through their mobile devices.
  2. Customers or stakeholders could get an orientation on how to use a new product just immediately after the product is purchased. M-learning modules that provide a step-by-step installation guide on how to use the product and troubleshoot can be easily made available through mobile devices that customers can refer to whenever they wish.
  3. Service engineers could access guided troubleshooting instructions or repair faulty piece of equipment through wearable learning devices (something like Google glasses).

I am sure you can come up with many more such instances. Can you share some ideas on how personalized learning experiences can be created for employees in organizations?

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