Using M-Learning in your organization – Recent Practices

Using M-Learning in your organization - Recent Practices

Gone are the days when training was imparted only through PCs. With learning playing a bigger role in enhancing performance especially in the global environment, it becomes important that learning is imparted using latest technologies. These technologies deliver significant value to those who are required to perform at the highest level in an industry.

Nowadays, Mobile Learning Technology has become the latest trend in the e-learning industry. Organizations need to adopt the latest technology and modify their learning needs through Mobile learning.

I would like to share how companies are incorporating mobile learning into their regular stream of work. Here are the recent practices of how companies are using m-learning in their organizations.

1. Content in Mobile Learning:

Mobile learning content that works great through a laptop or desktop might not do so in a tiny smartphone screen. Operating systems are different for mobile devices, which affect the appearance and some features of the content. If you want to develop your courses with the smaller screen, remember to minimize the amount of side-to-side rolling that needs to take place. To improve learner engagement and enthusiasm, you may need to add high-definition videos and games.

2. Using videos:

Using videos is a very simple and easy concept; however, it is new to the mobile learning industry. By using short videos, that is, 3 to 4 minute snippets, classroom training can be effectively imparted. So that learner can able to view it through iPad, tablet or any mobile device.

3. Accessing the key information:

Learners will be able to access the key information (Word documents, Excel sheets, Presentations and Best practices, etc.) to get the right data when and where they need it.

4. Effective way of learning:

Many organizations still want to continue their tradition of classroom training. However, mobile learning is an effective way to present a short form of the training that will connect to the learner and eliminate the gaps of classroom training.

5. Assess Device options:

Before you start developing m-Learning courses in your organization, you should consider how learners will process training content and the types of devices they are using. Altered devices run on different operating systems (Android, windows or apple); this affects the appearance and some of the features of the e-learning content. The devices that are popular among employees and the new technologies that could possibly be used in the future are factors that have to be considered while developing m-learning courses.

Hope you have found these practices useful. Please do add on if you know more on these lines.

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