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mLearning for Performance Support

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mLearning for Performance Support

Rapid development in communication technology has greatly influenced the way learning and training happens in organizations. Training professionals today have new avenues for deploying training, mLearning being a byproduct of such technological innovations. Though mLearning has received tremendous attention in perhaps all eLearning conferences lately, it is unlikely that it will replace existing online training methodologies. However, one thing that has come across as certainty is the fact that mLearning could be a valuable performance support medium. Let’s see how this is applied with the help of a scenario.

Tracy is a business franchisee of a global organization that specializes in healthcare and homecare products. The company sells its products only through franchisees and does not have any retail outlets. Therefore, they provide extensive training to the franchisees so that they are able to handle all customer queries. Tracy also has attended the training sessions over a period of several weeks that gave insights about how the products benefit her customers as well as her business. Today, she is meeting a group of prospective customers who are particularly interested in the nutritional supplements beneficial to those with weak bones. She did the training course related to that long back. So although she has an overall idea about the product, she wants to be sure about the specifics. She quickly logs into the online portal for franchisees using her SmartPhone and takes a short 6 min mLearning module that gives her a quick overview of the supplement and the key benefits it provides to the customers. As she accessed the information recently, it is bound to remain fresh in her mind. She would be able to transfer the knowledge to her prospective customers in the same compelling and convincing manner that was followed in the short module. Tracy could access relevant information at the time of need which boosted her confidence before facing the specific customers. Having information in short bite-sized mLearning modules helped Tracy in her performance.

mLearning can be used as a simplistic performance support medium by providing straight forward minimalistic information that learners can access when required. It helps in providing just-in-time learning where the learner can access knowledge and apply it immediately to a job situation.


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