M-learning is Not E-learning On the Move – Free eBook

M-learning is Not E-learning On the Move

People have started using their mobile devices for activities that are beyond voice communication. They use Google Maps to help them find their way to a new place, they do their banking online, they purchase tickets for cinemas online and they seek information online. This being the case, can we ignore its potential in formal learning?

Having said that, it is not as though you can pick up an eLearning course, change the font size to fit mobile devices and you will have an mLearning course. Although one would wish that it is as simple as that, it is NOT.

Mobile learning is another medium for knowledge dissemination and cannot replace eLearning all together. It has its unique advantages that need to be capitalized while at the same time considering its limitations. So, what are the considerations for mLearning implementation in organizations? What should stakeholders know before they set up to implement mLearning in their organization? To know answers to these questions and more, download the eBook titled, “M-learning Implementation in Organizations – An Overview of the Basics”.

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