Mobile Learning for Training Your Sales Staff

Mobile Learning for Training Your Sales Staff

It is a well-known fact that training is very crucial when it comes to increasing sales and maximizing revenues, but as a training manager, you may not know which training method is most effective to train your sales staff because they hardly take out their time to attend training sessions due to their hectic schedules and tough deadlines.

And you may be worrying how to provide effective trainings to your sales staff, how to keep them up-to-date with the latest information, and how to provide essential information when they need it at the time of selling. Don’t worry!!!

Mobile learning is the best training method to train your sales staff because mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and they are the perfect fit for the sales person who is constantly on the move.

According to Ambient Insight, by 2017, the mobile learning market in western Europe is likely to reach $885 million.

Now, let’s see why mobile learning is the best way to train your sales staff and keep them up-to date.

Mobile learning is effective and efficient

Mobile learning is not about offering large amounts of information through a mobile device; it’s all about offering small snippets of vital information by breaking the information into small digestible nuggets without harming its intended meaning. These small bytes of information will help sales staff easily understand and retain information for a longer period of time by reducing the cognitive load.

Apart from this, it doesn’t assume that every sales person is on the same wavelength and requires the same set of information. Instead, it allows sales staff to decide what they want to learn and when they want to learn by just scrolling to a particular section, and allows them to spend as much time as they need in that particular section.

Mobile learning offers Just-in-time Learning

Mobile learning provides just-in-time (JIT) support to the travelling sales person. It allows him to apply his new skills and knowledge immediately on the field. Sales staff can access information anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device of their choice.

For example, a sales person needs to know about his company’s products thoroughly before going to meet clients because a lack of information or wrong information about the product will lead to losing a deal. So they need just-in-time support. This will help him access the required information at a single click and seal a deal very quickly.

Just-in-time boosts sales as well as costumers’ confidence levels by fulfilling their needs and allowing them to search their company’s databases such as wikis, blogs, forums, etc. using their mobiles devices.

Mobile learning offers Just-in-time Learning

Mobile learning maintains consistency

Mobile learning maintains consistency though the sales staff is scattered across the world by helping organizations synchronize training materials with their product launches.

Mobile learning helps organizations launch their products in various locations of the world and enables them to roll out vital information simultaneously to the sales staff throughout the globe.

With the help of mobile learning, organizations can make sales staff access the same information in the same manner and at the same time.

Updated information can be pushed to the entire sales staff on their respective mobile devices, at a time; thus making the information visible to every sales person and allowing him to access key data at the point of need.

Mobile learning saves training time and cost 

Mobile learning is inexpensive when compared to other training methods. It saves company’s time by pushing the information to everybody at the same time.

Whereas in classroom training, there are many factors to consider such as the availability of instructors and the availability of the entire sales staff at a particular location and time, which is highly impossible for the travelling sales staff on an ongoing basis.

Costs can be reduced through mobile learning, because sales training materials no longer need to be printed. Training materials which are delivered digitally can be updated instantly before a sales person accesses them.

Hence, incorporate mobile learning in your organization to help your sales staff achieve their goals and increase their confidence levels. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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