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Why Mobile Learning for Your Sales Team?

Written By Induja Gurukuntala

Why Mobile learning for Your Sales Team

With the advances in technology, multinational companies come up with new products within short spans of time. Will training them annually or biannually, be adequate? Do you know how much the companies spend on training their sales force? According to ASTD, companies spend about $20 billion a year on various forms of sales training. Yet, many sales leaders report low ROIs from sales training initiatives.

How mobile learning will help?

How mobile learning will help?

Known for their ubiquity, mobility, portability and accessibility, mobile phones can be best suited for those who are on-the-go. As soon as the company schedules to release their new product into market, they can convey the product information quickly, to their diverse sales force located in different regions. They can also have byte sized learning modules about the product, which can be delivered through mobiles.

Sales representatives spend lot of time traveling, so they can access the mobiles conveniently enroute, or while waiting for a client. When they are scheduled to meet a client, mobile devices act as a source for just in time learning, so your sales person can have quick look at what information is required to deal with the prospect, just before meeting him.

Moreover, with the rapid release of new products into market, the companies can send the information regarding their competitor’s products and ways to tackle them with the features of their own products. These are some points to build a strong case for mobile learning to your sales force.

Screen shot of an eLearning course

Screen shot of an eLearning course

Screen shot of the same course on iPad

Screen shot of the same course on iPad

Mobile learning is not a replacement, or an alternative to your training delivery method, but a supplementary component to enhance your training effectiveness.

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