M-learning for Delivering Effective Sales Training

M-learning for Delivering Effective Sales Training

According to the American Ambient Insight Report, 2011 39% of organizations were already using mLearning. They also reported a growth rate of 29.3% among US corporations buying mobile learning including market bigwigs such as IBM, Pepsi and Kraft.

M-learning could be used to maximize profits of organizations because they help increase their sales by helping impart effective training to their sales personnel about their products and services. They help:

Efficiently train a busy sales force

It is common knowledge that companies need to train their sales personnel on their latest market offerings. However, most sales executives do not find time to attend classroom training sessions due to their hectic work schedules. M-learning could be used to effectively train these busy employees because the information about latest products or services could be provided on their mobiles. Consider the following scenario:

John is a sales representative working for a pharmaceutical company. His job demands extensive travel because he needs to contact medical practitioners and explain the benefits of his company’s products. His firm releases a new drug into the market. John needs to be trained on its features but need not attend a classroom session. He seamlessly obtains the required information by accessing the training portal of his company on his tablet.

Provide the right information at the right time

Information is the currency to success in this digital age. Sales representatives equipped with the needed information could serve customers better. M-learning could be used to efficiently equip these personnel with the required information when it is most needed. For instance, consider this scenario.

David is a salesperson working for a store that sells television sets. A customer approaches him and enquires about the differences between two brands. David readily accesses the needed information on his smartphone using a native app specially designed for salespeople of his company and answers the queries. The customer is highly satisfied.

Reinforce learning effectively

It is important to reinforce the learning in workshops and classrooms to elicit the best performance from sales personnel. M-learning is synonymous with learning reinforcement and helps sales executives recapitulate concepts learnt. For example,

Chris is a salesman who underwent training in a workshop 20 days ago. The concepts learned are summarized in the form of micro-lessons that could be accessed on his mobile. The duration of these lessons is 5 minutes. These short lessons help Chris to efficiently reinforce his learning because he could revise the concepts anytime, anywhere even when he is on the move.

Thus, mLearning could be used to effectively train busy sales personnel and provide the right information when it is needed most. This goes a long way in ensuring high productivity of these employees leading to enhanced organizational performance. What do you think?

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