mLearning for Improved Corporate Training

mLearning for Improved Corporate Training

mLearning for Improved Corporate Training

The radical developments in the ICT sector have made mobile devices an integral part of our lives. Companies have realized the immense learning potential with the ever-increasing power of these gadgets. Mobile learning (mLearning) is widely used by companies to help their workforce perform better.

39% of organizations are already using mLearning. There is a growth rate of 29.3% among US companies buying mLearning – American Ambient Insight Report (2011)

As the number of mobile users continues to rise, organizational dependence on these hand-held appliances, to provide training to their employees, is sharply rising.

By 2015, 80% of people accessing the Internet will be doing so from mobile devices – 2011 Horizon Report

The mobile device could be used to deliver a wonderful learning experience. Let me share more on how excellent corporate learning could be provided through these gadgets.

Performance enhancement through mobile apps

Mobile Apps have proved to be very useful support tools at work. They could be used to store specific user data and act as personal learning agents. Various apps are available in the market such as Foreman’s Mate, HVAC Toolkit Ultimate, Electrician’s Helper and so on, which help people in particular professions and trades.

These provide the much needed JIT (Just In Time) support to the worker. Organizations could use internally developed mobile apps as tools of learning reinforcement. These could be used by the companies to deliver bite-sized lessons, which help the employee to retain the concepts learnt.

Better social learning is possible

Mobile devices help unleash the power of social learning. They help professionals worldwide to network better and enhance collaboration. Mobile online networked learning communities are burgeoning, as the number of people accessing the Internet over mobile devices is rapidly growing.

The barrier that separates formal corporate training and informal ‘work-tip’ based social learning is bulldozed as more firms adopt mLearning methodologies to develop skills of their personnel. The full learning potential of SMS could be exploited too.

It is easy to develop and manage mLearning courses

The recent developments in technology have made the development of mLearning courses less complicated and cost-effective. New technical paradigms such as HTML5, have now made it possible to develop cross-platform apps, which contribute to the removal of technical barriers to training through these devices. Practices such as BYOD have already contributed to substantial reduction in mLearning costs.

LMS could be used to effectively manage learning through these incredible gadgets. Various open-source LMS such as Moodle are available in the market, which provide affordable and efficient solutions to mLearning management needs.

It is no exaggeration to say that the future of corporate learning is inextricably linked to mobile gadgets. What do you think? Do share your views with us.

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  • mlearning is a good option for corporate training as it helps in fast and easy learning for sake of convenience to all working professionals as it is one of the smartest idea in this modern technological world