How Can Flash Cards and M-learning Help Joe in Sales?

How Can Flash Cards and M-learning Help Joe in Sales?

How Can Flash Cards and M-learning Help Joe in Sales?

Joe is a sales person at an industrial weighing equipment manufacturing company. His company manufactures various hi-precision measuring and weighing devices with multiple applications. His main customers are R & D units of leading manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical companies, food processing companies and hospitals among others.

When Joe first joined the company he was given an extensive one-week product training where he got to familiarize himself with all the products manufactured by his company. However, his initial clients were mostly pharma companies and he was handling products that catered to the needs of the pharma sector.

Over time he understood the needs of his clients and successfully recommended the best product that suited to their needs. However, recently, he was assigned a couple of other clients who were into food processing and industrial manufacturing – both domains were new to him and he was not really familiar with their needs. Most important of all, he was keen to learn how the products manufactured by his company will cater to the needs of these new clients. If he needs to speak the client’s language, he needs to quickly familiarize himself with the terms used in this industry. How can he quickly do it?

Flash cards could be an excellent method. He could access the necessary information through his smartphone or iPad just before meeting one of the clients. Information can be designed as an application for mobile devices or can be part of an mLearning module that helps Joe brush up his knowledge about the typical jargon and terms necessary to make an impact on the client. Don’t you think that would be an excellent idea?

We all have used Flash Cards in one form or the other as students to remember and retain essential information. Thanks to technology, there has been a sort of proliferation of online flash card apps that people can use for learning. Some of the sites that I found interesting are Quizlet, Cram, Flashcard Machine, Card Kiwi and many more. In fact, eLearning authoring tools such as Lectora or Articulate Quizmaker can also be used to create Online Flashcards and included in eLearning courses. But more importantly, flash cards can be used for performance support at the time of need through mobile learning or mLearning. How can online flash cards help you in your learning? Do share your ideas.

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