Empowering Sales Personnel with M-learning

Empowering Sales Personnel with M-learning

Empowering Sales Personnel with M-learning

What is the single most important factor that makes sales people shun training? It is time. They are always busy meeting their sales deadlines, so time away for training will eat into their time on field. No wonder they rather stay on field than in classrooms. At best, they congregate during annual sales conferences, where some amount of knowledge transfer is tried and pushed – but the mood and the occasion is usually different – celebrating sales success, launching new products or awards ceremony for winners. Let’s face it. Do you think anyone would be in a mood for serious learning at that time?

That doesn’t mean they don’t need training. They do. All of us have a need to augment our knowledge and skills from time to time. More so, a sales person. Every new product launch, every new innovation in a product or, a changed market situation requires that a salesperson is educated on their implications in a sales situation. However, does this require a full-fledged training session, or even a 60min eLearning module? It doesn’t, but that does not take away the need for knowledge transfer either. What would be the solution?

Mobile Learning is the answer to the little knowledge bytes that sales personnel require from time to time.

Mobile learning or mLearning as it is called, are short learning modules of no more than 5-7 min duration that address a single concept, topic or issue. Listed below are some suggestions on what a sales person finds useful while on field.

1. Brush up key aspects of a product

2. Get Selling tips

3. Product Demos

4. Troubleshooting tips

5. Check out typical sales situations in a short video or animation

6. Review possible customer objections and suggested responses

7. Get quick market updates – new products, promotions launched by competition etc.

8. Feature by feature comparison to products by competition

9. Motivational talk by senior executive just before sales deadlines

10. Cross-selling, up-selling and bundling options

This list is not all comprehensive and is only suggestive of the type of content that is ideal for mobile learning. Salespeople can get this information through their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet PCs, without having to go to the nearest branch or desktop PC. It is much more convenient and useful in a sales situation. So, instead of forcing sales people to come to training, it makes sense to make training as their buddy they can consult when in need, through mobile learning. Don’t you think that sales people will be truly empowered with such training that is more purposeful and need-based? Do share your thoughts.

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